Can You Connect Multiple Spotify Accounts To Sonos?

Sonos now supports multiple Spotify accounts, improving sound from the Playbar. Once you’re in the Sonos app, click on the Settings gear icon, select Music, and then add as many Spotify accounts as you want. Sonos will then switch among your music seamlessly.

Can you connect multiple Spotify accounts to Sonos?

Sonos can now connect with more than one Spotify account, which will improve the sound of Sonos’s Playbar. Sonos has also released a beta version of its software, which lets you switch between multiple Spotify accounts for the same service.

Can you connect 2 phones to Sonos?

So say I have 3 people who have Sonos, I want to be able to play music to all of their devices. I can download the app and be able to control them remotely.

Can you have 2 Sonos accounts on one WIFI?

Sonos works by tying everything in your house together under one account that’s managed by the Sonos Controller. You only need to log in once to access everything.

I’ve just moved house – how do I connect my new Sonos system with old speakers?

I’ve just moved house – how do I connect my new Sonos system with old speakers?
Firstly, plug in all of the Sonos Bridge units or Powerline adapters and set them up using the dedicated software, Beaming (for Bridge) or Control Panel (for PLC). Then simply carry on adding players to your system via their web browser by going to from any computer in your house as normal. If you want to share music across two houses or an office then we recommend setting up one bridge unit in each property and connecting them together – you can do this by swapping ethernet cables between them for starters!

Do Sonos players work with Airfoil?

What if I don’t use Sonos and just want to stream to my speakers?
From the Sonos FAQ:

What devices can I use to play my music?
You can use any device that has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to stream your music wirelessly to your Sonos system.
Your music library can be accessed by any other device that supports Apple Airplay, or Google Cast.

Does Roon work with Sonos?

Roon is able to stream music over a local wired connection (Ethernet) as well as from NAS drives on all versions of the Windows 10 operating system, but not yet on OS X systems. If you have an older version of Roon, it will not support this feature. Sonos systems do not currently support home-made solutions such as running Sonos devices in parallel through attached computer via USB, running Sonos apps (foobar2000, Audirvana etc) over a WiFi bridge) etc.

Do Sonos players work with Apple Airplay?

Airplay is the name of the protocol and that’s it. AirPlay works with all the Apple devices and Macs you have.
Airplay allows you to wirelessly send all the audio and video to any speakers, HDTVs, or displays in your house.
When you use Airplay to stream your music to your speakers, the sound quality is as good as if you were streaming wirelessly right from your Apple device to your home stereo.

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