How To Remove Comments On Instagram Live As A Viewer?

If you’re watching someone’s Instagram Live and you don’t like what they say, there is no way to remove them as a viewer. Their comments are broadcast as part of the live stream and cannot be blocked.

Why can’t I see comments on IG live?

Comments are currently only visible to viewers on Instagram Live.

How do you hide comments in IG live as a viewer?

After hiding comments, you can find them by pressing the three dots icon, and then “Hide comment”. This menu will pop up to select the comment to be hidden.

How do I enable comments on Instagram live viewer?

Comments aren’t currently enabled on live viewers of the live stream.

Can people see Instagram live comments?

You can see comments when you are scrolling down. The comments are listed in a timeline.

Are Instagram live comments saved?

Instagram live videos can be watched again like you could watch a video on a new phone.

Who watched my live video on Instagram?

You can put it live on Instagram by clicking on the “share” button before going live. In order to share it, you have to accept the fact that anyone can watch your live video.

Can you watch someone’s Instagram live without them knowing?

After you’ve opened Instagram, look for the live button at the top of the home screen. Tap on that to start live streaming.

Can you see who viewed your live after?

You can view those who watched your live video and who don’t have a live video for others to view.

When someone goes live on Instagram can they see your face?

But you can’t see my face on Instagram.

How do you watch someone’s Instagram after they end?

There’s no definitive way to follow someone on Instagram after they have closed their account. However, you can try to find their account on a different platform, such as Facebook or Twitter. If you know the person’s email address or phone number, you can also try to find their account using those details.

What happens when you join a live video on Instagram?

You are able to see comments and hearts from people watching live video. You also can tapthe screen to send hearts.

What is the difference between Instagram live and IGTV?

Live on Instagram is a feature of the social media service that allows users to broadcast videos to their followers.

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