How To Respond To Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories allow the user to share a photo or a video with a comment. A photo or a video that has a comment has an “Instagram story” attached to it.

How do you respond to Instagram stories with a picture?

While there are a few ways to reply, the most popular way is to just reply to the original story. You can also like the story using the small thumbnail in the top right corner of the story. Finally, you can make a screenshot of the story and post it on your own profile.

How do you thank people on Instagram stories?

Thanking people on social media is a great way to show a favor for the people who support you. You can say “Thank you so much for following me! I really appreciate it.” or “I love getting your reactions to my posts – thank you for being a part of my story!

What does the heart on Instagram story mean?

Instagram videos can be watched even if the user is not online right now.

How do you respond to someone who likes your story on Instagram?

I’m glad I could help you.

How do you respond to someone’s story?

Thank you for sharing your story. We appreciate that you are willing to share it with us. While I cannot respond to every question, I would like to offer some general tips on how to respond to someone’s story.

Should I reply to his Instagram story?

You should not talk to people on the internet.

How do you respond to a crush story?

My wife is doing great.

How do you compliment a girl on Instagram story?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this. A good way to compliment a girl on Instagram is to use adjectives to compliment her appearance or personality, compliment her for something she has done recently, or compliment her for something she has posted on Instagram.

How do you flirt on Instagram stories?

There are several things you can do on Instagram Stories to flirt. First, make sure your story is interesting and engaging. Second, use visual cues to express your feelings. Finally, make sure your caption is witty and fun.

How do you respond to stories without sending DMS?

There are many ways to share stories of interest. You can either tell the other person that you have read it or you can write a blog post about it and tell people why you think it’s worth reading.

How do you reply to a post on Instagram?

When replying to a post on Instagram, you can either comment on the post, or you can Dm the person who posted the content.

How do you respond to someone on Instagram?

Instagram does not allow the use of its platform to send unsolicited messages and images. You should contact the platform’s abuse team if you have received a message you feel is spam.

What should I comment on a photo?

There are a few things you should think about when commenting on a photo. First, think about how respectful you are being. If you don’t like the person wearing the outfit, don’t say anything mean about it, just give them some feedback on how they could improve their styling. Second, think about what your comment is relevant to the photo.

How do you say good photo?

And that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this photo. It’s nice and colorful and colorful.

What are some nice comments?

Some nice comments might include things like “we’re in the same boat”, “your story is similar to ours”, or “this could be useful to someone else in the future”.

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