5 Important Tips For Led Strip Light Purchase Decision

5 Important Tips For Led Strip Light Purchase Decision..

When buying LED strip lights, you are often faced with different choices. Should the LED strip display color or only white tones? Or should the strip be able to handle a combination of color and white tones? This first choice is often influenced by the app for which you want to use the LED strip. Based on this, people often opt for a specific type of strip. But even more, choices follow, and in the case of large projects such as bathroom renovation, garden renovation, or installing LED strips on large areas, you often have more questions.

Before buying an LED strip light, it is wise to ask yourself some questions and determine what your wishes are. Many of those questions are obvious, and we will explain a number of them in more detail in this guide.

So, let’s start with what you want to use the LED strip light for!

1. Function Of LED strip

What do you want to use the LED strip light for? For example, are you looking for white ambient light or white practical light? We generally recommend warm white for ambient light, for example, in your living room. We recommend cool white LED strips for areas where you need practical lighting. For example, think of your worktop. All these ranges of LED strip lights can be found at Lepro which is a company specialized in LED technology. Indeed, it offers different cheap led strip lights ready to use from 1 to 50 meters in its range. Depending on the chosen length, you will receive an appropriate number of power supplies.

2. Light Output

How much light do you want your LED strip lamps to emit? This is a choice you have to make. However, all LEDs are dimmable. So, if you are in doubt, we always advise choosing LED strip light with higher light output. To make your selection easier, we will show you the available variants:

  • Basic LED strip lights
  • High-quality LED strip lights
  • Pro LED Strip Lights

While premium LED strip lights contain twice as many LEDs as basic LED strip lights and pro LED strip lights contain more LEDs than premium strip lights, there is no difference in quality. So, you can opt for cheap led strip light and still have good quality.

3. What Power Supply Do You Need?

The kits are supplied with a power supply. With many LED strip light sets, you can choose 12V or 24V. 24V LED ribbons offer an advantage, especially with longer lengths. As there is relatively less voltage drop over the length of the LED strip, the total light output of the LED strip is higher.

4. Gluing The LED Strip Light

Gluing the LED strips is very easy. All the strips are provided with 3M adhesive tape. You should make sure that the surface is free from dust and grease. We also recommend our aluminum LED profile as an accessory. These profiles offer more uniform light, better finish, and better cooling (and thus longer service life).

5. Remote Control Operation

The actual remote control depends on the color of the LED strips you are going to buy, but there are different options for each color. You can choose how you want to use each set of LED strips, such as a corded dimmer, a separate remote control or with your smartphone.

When using the LED strips, you should pay attention to how easy it is to access the LED strip and how comfortable you want it to be, among other things. A cord dimmer is located between the LED strip and the adapter. An infrared-based remote control should always be pointed at your LED strip controller, or you can opt for a radio signal-based remote control so that you don’t need to aim and for operation with the app, you shall need a WiFi connection.

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