Living the Dream: How to Find Your Ideal Apartment in Phnom Penh with IPS Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, is situated along the banks of the river Mekong. This city thrives on its lively nightlife, blended exquisitely with the rich traditional history. It is considered a hub of commerce and opportunity.

Many expats and people from other cities are shifting to Phnom Penh for better opportunities and urban lifestyles. If you are also searching for your ideal apartment in Phnom Penh, this blog is for you. Finding a suitable apartment is necessary to ensure comfort, convenience and satisfaction. Location, amenities, and budget are huge in finding the place.

With the help of IPS Cambodia, a leading real estate agency in Cambodia, finding the ideal apartment in Phnom Penh will be straightforward. Due to their expertise and experience of over a decade, they have all the necessary insights and a list of options for you to choose from.

Understanding Your Needs and Preferences

Before starting your journey of finding a place, it is essential to list all your requirements and preferences. This involves considering various factors like-

  1. Your budget: As it will help the agents find the best option for you, which will be easy for your pocket. Consider your income and expenses, and write down an amount you are comfortable spending on an apartment.
  2. Determining desired location and neighbourhood: Choose a location based on your preferences, whether you want to live in an area with nightlife nearby or a quiet neighbourhood.
  3. Outlining specific apartment requirements: Consider the amenities and facilities that are non-negotiable for you, like the number of rooms you need, the availability of parking, the size of the living space, etc. Creating a list with these factors will help you streamline the entire process for yourself and also for your real estate agent.
  4. Considering transportation and accessibility factors: Evaluate the transportation and accessibility factors. For example, how far is it from your office or your kid’s school? This will help you analyse whether it is possible to commute every day.

Apartment Viewing Tips and Tricks

Once you have the list in place and shortlisted some areas based on factors like- accessibility, budget, location, etc., it is time to visit those apartments and see how they actually look, as it will make all the difference once you see it in person. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your apartment viewing-

Scheduling Appointments With IPS Cambodia Agents

Connect with IPS agents and schedule an appointment to view the apartments that match your criteria. Their experienced agents can help you by providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the viewing process.

What To Look For During Apartment Viewings

When visiting the apartments, pay close attention to the apartment’s condition and look for any damages or signs of maintenance issues such as water damage or faulty appliances. Consider factors like natural light, ventilation and the noise level.

Speak to the owner or manager of the apartment. Talk regarding the lease agreement, utility cost, security measures and any other questions that may impact your decision.

Negotiating and Securing Your Dream Apartment

Once the viewing process is finished and you are on the final stage of securing the apartment, understand all the terms and conditions properly. You must have complete knowledge regarding rental agreements, lease duration, renewal clauses, security deposit requirements and maintenance responsibilities, as these things need to be taken care of before signing the final deal.

With the help of IPS Cambodia, all these things can be handled by their agents. They can help you negotiate and get a deal which will benefit you. Their agents can do the paperwork and address any issues or concerns arising during the rental process.

The Role of IPS Cambodia in Apartment Hunting

IPS has been a trusted partner for many people in Cambodia for the last 10 years. They have earned this reputation due to their tailored service, expert advice, and seamless process, which makes everything easier for their clients.

Due to their local knowledge and industry insights, they have access to the finest houses that have yet to be on the market. Finding hidden gems that people are not aware of and securing them for their clients sets them apart in the real estate business.

They stay up-to-date on property developments, market trends and property values, which helps them provide accurate information to their clients. IPS agents can save time by handling property viewing, negotiations and paperwork on your behalf. Their expertise will give you peace of mind as you will know that the best is working on your behalf to secure a good home for you.


Finding an ideal home in Phnom Penh is a significant decision that will impact the quality of your life. Throughout this blog, the discussion has been around-

  • Your budget
  • Location
  • Specific apartment requirements which are non-negotiable..

This will help you narrow the options, saving you time and energy. With the help of IPS Cambodia, your dream of finding an ideal apartment is just a call away. With their expertise, all the paperwork, house visits, negotiations, and paperwork can be handled smoothly.

Connect with IPS now, and take a step ahead in turning your dream into reality.


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