Top 5 Product Requirement Document Examples

Coming up with a successful product is not always a walk in the park; there are a lot more you have to figure out beyond the concept. This is the reason you need a product requirement document as it can help define your product’s worth.

What does it mean to have a PDR?

A PDR refers to the essential details an organization needs to launch its product successfully. It gives a plan, the how, and when to accomplish your project. After thorough research, you can only come up with this document, extensive discussions with stakeholders, and analyze the client’s demand for the brand you intend to launch. A commendable PRD should have the following:

  • Purpose: what’s the reason for creating the brand?
  • The features you plan to incorporate
  • User flow
  • Design
  • Insights, assumptions, essentials (dependencies), and future work. 

A well-documented PRD will determine the success of your product. Fireart Studio can help with the creation depending on your prerequisites and the product’s scope. 

Top 5 PRD samples for you

The market has plenty of templates you could follow, but you want a perfect one. Below are detailed examples of some PRD templates.

1. Atlassian 

This template features a constant and responsive network for all, idealizing your concept before launching and finally introducing it to the marketplace. The template also has a post-launch analysis that rates how your project will do when launched. 

Besides, the model has descriptive sections detailing the plan, features, and what you plan to deliver within a specific period. You also include end-user assumptions. 

The best feature about the Atlassian platform is that it incorporates the agile approach and support for standard environmental methodologies. What’s more, it has a management provision for stakeholders and developers to note the bridges within the project and how to work on them. Things to look out for in this project include:

  • Instructions with examples about what you should document.
  • A clean, straightforward templates that keep you on track
  • Interactive flowcharts, datasheets, workstreams, and customizable graphics
  • User-friendly linking with Google docs and several plugins

Product managers will love Atlassian for the value-based functionality provision.

2. Aha 

This is one of the clear and concise templates that you could find for PRD documentation. It focuses on alternative product management software unavailable from competitors as it provides real-time requirements instead of documents. New managers and companies launching a product for the first time will find it resourceful as it guides executing effectively. What you will get in this template includes: 

  • Streamlined documentation 
  • Space to integrate your data and any requirements 
  • PDF and Ms word document formats 
  • It is an ideal alternative for a product administration software 

If you resolve to use this template, large companies should know that the Aha template isn’t comprehensive to cover comprehensive project’s needs. 

3. Site 

This model is suitable for developers interested in a direct and streamlined data platform. It centers on stories instead of conventional functional and non-functional needs. The unique feature about it is that it focuses on agile details that highlight a product’s importance. This model is suitable for user stories and documents. The benefits are: 

  • Limits a PRD to one page when necessary 
  • You can edit, modify, and add new data. 

4. Shiplt 

It incorporates Google docs, allowing real-time modifications from several users. Shiplt also has additional spaces for individuals to work in based on their responsibilities. This design is ideal for companies that are upgrading from a single template in managing their features. You will get the following: 

  • Simple formats best for developers without experience in documentation
  • Editing options –it has deleted and add-on sections for easier customization. 

5. Product First 

It comes with flexibility for managers to communicate about their product’s needs with designers. It comes with sections you can utilize, delete, or insert data as per your needs. Its advantages include: 

  • Flexibility to accommodate your requirements
  • Perfect for project managers 
  • Compatible with various software projects 
  • It has an extension for resources and guides for perfect documentation


The right PRD template influences your project’s success. The above model samples can be resourceful if you have no idea where to start and generate a practical PRD.

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