Step Up Your Security: 5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Safe

5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Safe

Keeping your employees safe in the workplace is crucially important. Not only does it stop accidents from happening, it also gives you happy employees who are safe in the knowledge that you care about them and their safety. And isn’t that something every business owner wants to portray? The following are five ways you can show your employees that you’re invested in maintaining their safety. 


All best safety practices start with your employees having the correct training. This will range from safety procedures to first aid equipment and training. The training they require will be relevant to the industry that you are in, so ensure you are up to date with all the latest safety information. Providing your staff with training makes sure they are safe and it will also create a happier workplace. It’s a win-win. Cyber safety should also be included in your safety training procedures, the cybercrime stats are scary and you need to protect your company’s sensitive information just as much as the physical safety of the people running it. 

ELD For Fleet Management

Within fleet management, having an electronic logging device is essential for the safety of your drivers and it is an integral part of a compliance solution. If you’re not compliant, you are running the risk of heavy fines and the possibility of accidents that will result in legal costs and, in the worst-case scenario, death. An ELD allows your drivers to keep track of how long they have been on the road and if they need to take a rest. You can review a guide on ELDs for trucks and what the benefits are of installing ELDs in your fleet. 

Communication Channels

Having communication channels set up allows employees to voice concerns they have surrounding safety. If they feel they are unable to communicate, the issue will continue and may eventually result in an accident. Use feedback boxes where your workers can write down their opinions and leave advice anonymously. You should also ensure that you appear approachable when it comes to safety issues. Give your team confidence by dealing with concerns that do arise immediately. 

Thorough Assessment 

You must know all of the safety procedures needed within your industry. You risk non-compliance as well as the costs of any legal claims that result in an accident if you don’t. Keeping up to date is essential as information and rules change all the time. Undertake a thorough assessment of all safety regulations and evaluate if you are in compliance with them. Not doing this not only risks your employee’s safety but also your reputation as a business. 

Use Signs

Label every potential safety hazard. You should not feel that you are being obsessive in your implementation of safety standards as you can never be too careful. The use of signs gives a visual indication of where potential safety issues exist and they alert employees to stay away from the danger area. Make your signs large and visible so there are no excuses to miss them. Again, be sure to check the legislation within your industry to ensure all signage is compliant with the necessary safety regulations.

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