What Happens If You Delete Apple Music Profile?

Please follow the instruction below to delete your Apple music profile.

Will my music get deleted if I delete Apple Music?

Delete your entire library of songs from an Apple Music account. Your downloaded songs will not be available in your library anymore. You can redownload these things at any moment if you maintain your Apple Music membership.

Can someone see if you view their Apple Music profile?

They can play it and they can just go to his or her phone.

How do I reset my Apple Music profile?

You need to do this because if you want to see your information and profile then you have to do this.

Can you get your Apple Music back?

Once you activate your membership with Apple Music, you will be able to upload your iTunes library from iCloud. You will be able listen to Apple Music catalog via your iPhone and download music for offline listening.

What happens if I delete Apple Music off my phone?

Apple is not able to give you the possibility to recover any songs you have bought from iTunes. When you uninstall the software, the songs on your iPhone will be erased. You can reinstall applications that used to be on your phone for free.

Can you have 2 users on Apple Music?

Apple allowed streaming to several devices with the Apple ID. The issue of advertisements is not supported because the Apple Music is a subscription service.

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