What Happens When You Delete Pof Account?

If you want to delete your POF account, you’ll only have to do a simple thing. You will get an email from customer support to confirm your account deletion. After that, all of your messages will vanish.

Does deleting POF account delete messages?

You will not be able to delete your messages. They will appear as unread messages and you will need to delete them yourself.

Does deleting the POF app delete my account?

Deleting the POF app won’t let you delete your account. It will just allow you to delete your data.

How do you know if your POF account has been deleted?

If you’re receiving a message saying “Your account has been deleted,” then your account was deleted.

What does it mean POF deleted user?

In the early stages of a relationship, you may have to keep your distance from each other.

What does it mean when someone’s profile pic disappears on POF?

They may have deleted their profile after the user was inactive for months.

How do you delete someone from POF?

You can simply click on the X button at the top of the friend request you want to delete.

Can I get my POF account back?

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Can I have 2 POF accounts?

This is because you can only have one profile on POF at one time.

Do POF accounts expire?

Accounts that expire expire in about a year are still free to use with a new sign-up date. Users can renew accounts for a fee.

Why can I not delete my POF account?

This is not a POF account, since it contains your username and your email address.

How do I get around a ban on POF?

If you are banned from POF, you can still create a fake profile and try to meet people. There are many ways to get around a ban. One way is to use the app incognito mode.

How long does an inactive POF account last?

If you do not use the website for a year, your account will be deleted.

How do I make a new POF account?

To create a new POF account is very easy. You need to create a username and password for your profile and you can also add in an email address if you want to be able to recover your account in the future. If you want to find people in the area you live in, you can use the “Find People” function on POF.

What age group uses plenty of fish?

Plenty of fish was created by an American company and is now based in San Francisco, California.

Can POF block you?

Yes. Plenty of Fish has the ability to block you they are in charge of their own server.

Why can I not log into my POF account?

If you don’t get a password reset email, try using your phone number as a password.

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