What Is Com.lge.shutdownmonitor? Keeping Your Monitor Working

what is com.lge.shutdownmonitor

Computer systems are getting more complex, and we enjoy the benefits of this in our everyday lives. 

As the technology improves, there needs to be software to help the users deal with the background aspects of the tech’s operation.

One of these additions is the Com.lge.shutdownmonitor, and it has been a big aid to most users who don’t even know it exists. 

Let us break it down and see what this app is used for if it is safe for you and issues that might come up because of it.

What Is Com.lge.shutdownmonitor? 

This is a system process that helps monitors go through the proper shutdown procedure. This system application monitors phones, especially the screen, and if it works correctly, the screen will come on and go off at the right times.

This feature is also present in Windows, where it helps prevent accidental shutdown. This version is used in LG devices, but there is one for all other devices since they all need to stay on.

What To Do If Com.lge.shutdownmonitor Is Malfunctioning

You need your device’s screen to be on whenever you use it, whether it is a PC, a phone, or a laptop. Without it, you won’t be able to use the devices, so it is clear how important this app is to any user.

So what happens if this important app fails? As you can expect, the screen will unpredictably go off when you need to use it. 

It might refuse to power up at times, so you need to fix it as fast as you can, so let’s show you how;

The first thing you should try doing is clearing the app’s cache and data. Go to settings and find the Com.lge.shutdownmonitor, select it, and go into its settings to clear the cache. Sometimes, the data in the app could be corrupted and the cause of all malfunctions.

Clearing all the data collected by the app will, in a way, reboot the app and leave it at the state it was when delivered to you. It will be able to now manage your screen properly with all the corrupt data erased.

Like all apps, the shutdownmonitor depends on your system to run it and give it data to work as it should. 

So when the system runs for a long time and gets overwhelmed, the apps it supports will suffer for it, and the shutdownmonitor could be one of them.

You can therefore help the app work better by rebooting the device. A reboot will terminate all the heavier apps you installed to leave the system with less to deal with.

This will allow the shutdownmonitor feature the space to run comfortably and keep your screen working.

Your third option is to restore factory settings. As we use our phones, we add apps, music files, and so much data into it. 

Along the way, you will change the settings to run these apps better, and the numerous changes could leave an uncomfortable environment for the shutdownmonitor.

A factory reset will be a way to clean up your system and get all your devices clean again. You should know that a factory reset will delete all the data currently on the phone to leave the device the way you bought it.

This option should therefore be a last resort when other methods don’t work. In addition, please make sure you backup all your data on external storage media or Google drive so you can recover it after the reset.

How To Fix A Monitor That Goes Off When In Use

An unfortunate incident could happen to you, say you are using a monitor for gaming, then it goes off, but the CPU is still running. 

You could also be turning the CPU on put the display on the screen does not work; let’s see how you can fix it;

The first thing you should do is check your connections. Make sure the HDMI cable is connected and tightened both at the CPU and monitor. A loose HDMI or power cable could be popping out and causing the shutdown. 

If there is no display on the monitor, you should also check its settings before moving on. Ensure the monitor is set to receive input from HDMI; otherwise, it will be focused on another port. There are buttons to change these settings behind or below most monitors. 

If the problem is not with the connections, you need to now look inside your CPU. You need to open it up and check to see if any adapters are disconnected or damaged. 

There could be a blown fuse or damaged adapter vital for the communication between the monitor and CPU.

If the connectors are disconnected, put them back or replace them if they don’t work well. Get a proper power supply that will not overpower your connectors. 

The wrong PSU could melt wires or not give enough power to the HDMI ports; hence you will lose the image on the screen.

If the monitor is not working and you can hear the fan is working too much, there could be a problem with the thermal paste. 

Unscrew the fan, and below it, there will be a metallic surface with white glue on it; this is the heatsink.

Clean the previous paste as well as you can and apply the new thermal paste before putting the cooling fins and the fan back in place. This will ensure your PC is cooled much better, and the performance will improve. 

If all of these fixes do not work, there could be an issue with your cable, maybe it is damaged, or the ports are damaged. 

You can test the cable on a different PC, and if it works, you will know the issue is with your ports.

Monitor Defects You Might Come Across

You could have just bought a new screen, and you are excited to use it and enjoy high-quality video like 4K. 

When you turn it on, you could notice that something is not right, is something wrong with it? Or do you need to adjust some dials, and you will be set?

The fact is, many new monitors need calibration for them to work the best, and defects out of the box are not uncommon. 

So what should you be on the lookout for, both on your existing display and a new monitor? Let’s jump into it;

One of the simplest things to look for is stuck or dead pixels. This is a simple procedure, and you can use the Dead pixel buddy app to find them. Cycle through the colors in the app and look for any black points or display the wrong color.

This defect can come up as a manufacturing error or if you touch your screen too roughly. You can, at times, fix stuck pixels by pressing on them with soft materials like a pencil eraser or utilities that flash the spot. 

You can’t fix dead pixels, so you need to either get a new screen or persevere and use yours as it is. Another major issue with monitors is backlight bleeding. 

This is the case when you notice that parts of your screen are brighter than others, especially the edges. This is because most screens work by shining light into the liquid crystal layer to create an image.

Sometimes, this light is not entirely blocked, so it leaks to the outside of an LCD, making the edges seem brighter. 

There is nothing you can do to fix it, and your only solution is buying a new display with better quality and manufacturing standards.

Before buying a product, read as many customer reviews as possible to see if other people complained about the product so you don’t end up in the same predicament. Clouding is another lighting concern, and it happens when a screen is damaged. 

You can’t fix clouding, so you need to ensure you take good care of your display. If it is new, then you should return it and get a replacement from the vendor.

The last issue is burn-ins; this is when an image that has stayed on the screen too long leaves an impression even when it is changed. 

This issue can be corrected if it is mild, but you have to buy a new screen when it gets more severe.

Unless you want to see the ghosts of images you saw a long time ago, make sure you turn off your display when it is not in use. This is something that happens mostly to older LCDs like those at airports or terminals.


Com.lge.shutdownmonitor is a pre-installed package in most LG and Android devices to help manage the monitor shutdown. 

This package is safe and helpful for you, and you will have a lot of issues with your monitor should shutdownmonitor malfunction.

Even with the tons of problems you could face when using a monitor, most can be avoided by looking into it before buying it. 

If you get a defective product, return it as soon as possible and maintain the monitor in a screen-safe environment.

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