What Looks Good on a Pilot Resume?

Before you apply to an airline, you have to make sure you have a well-prepared resume. This document gives you an opportunity to sell your skills. However, most job seekers do not have a clear idea of what to include in a pilot resume. In this post, we are going to provide some tips that you may find useful. 

Keep it short

Try to keep your resume short, preferably just one page in length. If it is not possible, complete it in two pages. But do not go beyond that. 

Brevity is important because a shorter resume is easier to read than a longer one, and hiring managers scan each application quickly. Keeping it short also means that you are allowed to mention only the best of your qualifications. 

Provide a professional Email address

In the contact section, provide a simple and professional-looking email address. It will give you a professional demeanor, and you will be taken seriously.

It is not easy to get a unique name for your email address, but you should try to exclude numbers from your email address. Be careful about the punctuations and symbols used in the email address. Make sure the address is easy to remember. 

Don’t be flashy

Yes, you want to stand out from the other applicants. But you have to do it as subtly as possible. Do not try to get noticed by using flashy paper and non-traditional fonts. Find subtle and more professional ways to stand out from the crowd. 

For a job seeker, the process may feel overwhelming. This is part of the reason why so many people these days are using professional writing services. Anyone can get in touch with a pilot resume writing service and get the job done by an experienced resume writer. 

Tailor it to the position you are applying for

Update your resume and tailor it to the job you are applying for. Using a generic one is the worst thing you can do. Recruiters will not even read the resume if they can guess that you are using the same one everywhere. 

Mention relevant work experience

In the work experience section, which should be in the lower mid, mention work experience that is directly relevant to the position you are applying for. Do not mention something that happened in high school. 

Your employment history communicates your expertise, so be careful about including it in a precise way. List the relevant positions you have held so far. Use bullet points for qualifications, skills and achievements. 

You can write about your job experience in detail in the application. That is also an opportunity to show your writing skills. But you should not use your resume for that purpose. 

Use the resume just to show that you have the qualifications for this particular job. ResumeWritingLab and other renowned resume writing services learn about your qualifications and work experiences before starting to write. 

Don’t include your picture

When it comes to placing images on pilot resumes, there are strict rules. If you include an image, it may reveal your sex, ethnicity and age. In the hiring decision, these details are not taken into consideration. 

Be specific with numbers

When it comes to presenting numbers, applicants often tend to use round numbers. Don’t do that. Whether you are using a resume writing service or doing it yourself, be careful about numbers. 

Put the exact numbers of flights under your belt, and years you have worked as a pilot. By being specific with numbers, you can prove your attention to detail. This quality indicates your strong management skills, and is highly valued in all fields. Whether you are a manager or pilot, your employers, and later your coworkers will appreciate it. 

Don’t provide information that may be deemed too personal

It is okay to provide personal information in your resume. For example, your volunteer experiences can add value. However, if not necessary, do not provide detailed information about your family and other aspects of your life that may be deemed too personal. 

Final thoughts

Your resume acts as a bridge between you and your recruiter. It is important to invest some time in your resume and make it as good as possible. By preparing a good pilot resume, you will definitely have an edge over your competitors. We hope now you have a better understanding of the craft of writing a resume. 

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