Who Owns Polk Audio: Knowing Your Brand

who owns polk audio

Polk Audio is a household name when it comes to automotive and home loudspeakers. It’s also known for producing various other audio products like FM tuners and amplifiers. 

Today the company also produces smart speakers in collaboration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

The company was born in 1972. A group of music lovers, engineers, and friends got together with the ambition of creating the best, affordable speakers. 

The speakers made by Polk did follow the powerful mission for value. Up to today, the Polk products are of excellent quality, affordable, and offer an incredible music experience. 

Since 1972, Polk Audio has been merged with different companies and ownerships. This has left people unsure of whom its real owners are, hence the question. 

Who Owns Polk Audio

The Polk Audio was founded in 1972 by three friends, namely George Klopfer, Sandy Gross, and Matthew Polk. Polk Audio does business as Sound United. Today the owner of Polk Audio is the DEI holdings. 

Polk Audio sells its speakers using mass retailers and audio specialty in North America. It also has its distributor one and in more than 75 countries across the world. The Polk Audio headquarters is in San Diego, California.

Is Polk Audio A Good Brand? 

Investing in music gear is not an easy thing. You need to be cautious when making the selection. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or a professional. 

All that people avoid is buying music gear that offers poor quality sound. Such music equipment will surely damage your ear. 

since the beginning, the Polk Audio brand has been built on a foundation that insists on trust and quality products.  Previously the brand did specialize in the production of automobile speakers. 

But today, it has does offer a whole range of speakers, including home speaker systems. The products from Polk Audio are so popular today. People love them considerably because of their great sound and durability. 

Why You Should Invest In Polk Audio


People love Polk because of the prices. The brand works at producing quality sound systems at a very affordable price. The great thing is that today they offer different kinds of sound systems. 

Therefore you will indeed find something that interests you in the wide product range. Their wall and ceiling speakers are decent and so affordable. 

However, other speaker brands offer better quality than Polk Audio. However, with Polk Audio, you’ll get the value for your money. Plus, the speakers have significant frequencies and will certainly give you what you need. 


We are all different; some people will undoubtedly go for looks more than performance and vice versa. However, with Polk Audio, you get both style and performance. 

Generally, I think it’s worth investing in a music system that looks great. It will surely add to your aesthetics. In addition, in some ways, a visually appealing sound system will add to the experience. 

The design team at Polk Audio is top-notch. Every device they release is always great when it comes to design. 

So if you are someone that loves products that look great and also offer excellent performance, then go for Polk Audio. 

The speaker has excellent round corners, durable materials, and crisp natural tones. You will certainly not go wrong with style and performance.  

Great Customer Service

Almost all brands strive to manufacture excellent quality products. However, this is not always enough when it comes down to business. 

Many factors usually differentiate between excellent, good, and bad brands. One of these factors is customer support. 

A brand that offers excellent customer support will always have customers coming back. Plus, it will get several excellent reviews. 

By excellent customer support, I mean timely response to queries and solving of customers’ problems.

Polk Audio does offer excellent customer support. You can contact them using the numbers on their website, email, or contact forms. 

Polk Vs. Bose 

In the audio industry, these two brands are the most popular. I had to include this information in this article because people continually compare them. 

What makes them so popular is the quality of their products. The comparison between these two speakers is usually tricky. However, the Polk Audio is known to offer a better option when it comes to home theater. 

Many people go to Polk for this. Bose is the brand if you need bookshelf speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones.  

Overall, both brands do have their strengths and weaknesses. However, you need to know their unique differences. 

This will help you know which one is better for your needs. However, they are pretty famous because both do offer above-average sound quality. 



As mentioned, Polk makes excellent quality products and is so affordable. By investing in them, you will always get value for your money. 

The Polk products are not the best in the market but are among the cheaper brands. Their best products are the ceiling speakers and the wall speakers.

Being a more affordable brand does not mean that their quality is terrible. The Polk Audio speakers perform well. 

Another thing is that the Polk speakers are perfect for high frequencies. This is because most Polk products do use titanium dome tweeters. The dome tweeter has also been used in their wireless subwoofers and center channel speakers. 


The Bose speakers have a heavy and deep voice than the Polk speakers. Anytime you need power, then go for the Bose system. This means that they are a better choice when it comes to the entire surround system.  

Today, the brand also produces some premium-cost speakers out here. It’s not that they are bad; they also offer excellent quality sound and are durable. 

Like other brands, the Bose also has these cheaper options. However, there are some more expensive Bose speakers, and they do offer power. You can choose any between the two. This depends on your needs. 



The Polk brand is so affordable, but this comes at a small price. Most of the budget-friendly Polk speakers are not of the best quality. 

The brand also produces some high-end speakers that offer excellent quality sound. However, you will have to spend some extra bucks to get hold of them. This makes many stick to the affordable ones. But they do not offer quality sound.

Even though the price range of Polk speakers is decent, they do not have a wide variety range to choose from. 

With Polk, you will be tied to a few specific speakers. With other brands, you can get various affordable speakers.


The one thing that most people complain about the boss speakers is their price. They are pretty expensive. People tend to compare the Bose products to Polk products. 

Many feel that the difference in performance between Bose and Polk is very little. To them, the extra prices from Bose are pretty unfair. 

Another criticism about Bose is their app. It’s not that good. The heavy and deep voice from base speakers made them perfect for the surround system. 

But the lousy app disqualifies this. Great surround systems need to have good apps. This will make the control much more straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Polk Audio any good?

The Polk brand is famous for manufacturing good ceiling and wall speakers at a very affordable price. The quality of the products is not that great. However, you will certainly get value for money. 

After listening to the speakers, I’m sure you won’t complain considering the price. They do a considerably good job, plus they do have high frequencies. 

Is Marshall a good brand?

Guitarists mainly adore the Marshall brand. It’s because the brand is known to make one of the most known guitar amplifiers. However, not all the amplifiers made by Marshall are top-notch in the market. 

But their average quality surely outshines other brands. The Marshall speakers are ideal for those that love listening to speakers with good sound quality and have a great classic look.

Who owns Bose Company right now?

Bose Company like Polk is quite popular. It’s always great to know the people or businesses behind such great brands. Today the majority owner of the Bose Company is the Massachusetts institute of technology. 

The company was donated to this institute by the famous Amar Bose, the founder. Therefore the institute receives a certain amount of dividends.

Does Marshall make a better speaker than JBL?

Overall, Marshall makes better speakers than JBL. It’s because Marshall has a more expansive sound stage, profile, and lower latency on Android and iOS. 

The things that make JBL compete with Marshall are its excellent build quality and battery life. 


Polk is one of the world’s brands with a great heritage. The company founded in the 70s by friends is now competing with some of the best brands in the world. 

Before, Polk Audio only specialized in producing automotive speakers. Today they offer a wide range of sound systems. 

Many people love their products because they are affordable. In addition to this, they offer good sound quality. 

But this is not enough since its competitors are equally popular and offer excellent quality sound systems. All in all, each brand has something unique to offer. 

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