Why Wont It Let Me Make A Tinder Account?

It is currently trying to sign you up in Russia or Kazakhstan. However if you’re located in India, you may be signed up as well. It is either a bug or some kind of regionalization feature.

Why wont it let me make a tinder account?

The Tinder apps data and cache will not be deleted and so you will be able to log back into Tinder without problems.

Why can’t I make a Tinder without a phone number?

You cannot create a Tinder account without your phone number. However, you may be able to create a free virtual phone to receive text messages to verify your identity so that you can create a free virtual Tinder account.

Can you get banned from Tinder?

However, there are some countries where access is restricted. In
fact, the biggest threat to Tinder access is the geo-restrictions,
where access to geo-restricted apps is restricted to certain countries
and regions only. Since these regions are changing with new
countries launched, you will probably need to change your IP
location. This can be achieved by using a proxy or VPN

Another good way to gain access is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Is there an official app for Tinder?

Tinder now has their own official application for Apple iOS devices. They claim that this application is the number 1 mobile app for dating worldwide. However some users are reporting that it doesn’t work properly and a lot of users are saying that it deleted their entire profile. So to be on the safe side, you might want to just stick with the browser version for now.

How does Tinder work on a PC?

In order to download Tinder on a PC, you must first download a program called “PcAnywhere”. Once that is downloaded, you will need to sign into your Facebook account. After that you can download the emulators program and make sure that whatever connection mode you have selected is set to WiFi. Once everything is ready then you simply type in the address of Tinder on your PC.

Tinder Glitches & Expiration Dates?

This makes me really sad that Tinder is using other peoples profiles to advertise their own services to other people and when this was brought to their attention they simply removed the information and said that it was a mistake because they didn’t know it was on Facebook. This makes me wonder if Tinder can’t even bother to check their own applications to see what information is being shared and why and if they are going to have to continue to take down information that is meant to be shared or remove the information that has been shared on their own websites in the future.

How do I delete my Tinder account?

To go through the process of deactivating and deleting a Tinder account is a very simple process of which you just need to open up the settings and choose the option to delete your account.

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