3 Ways To Make Profit Online in 2021

Fortunately, the ways to make money online in 2021 aren’t limited to only three options. Still, in this article, we suggest discussing the trendiest still legit ideas that will help you not only get a solid income but also develop your skills, grow as a professional and increase your profits. Let’s get started. 

Become an Online Writer

Writing jobs are very trendy, especially during the post-pandemic times when a lot of the companies faced the need for top-notch promotional content for their blogs and social media. So, if you like writing, you enjoy sharing your thoughts on paper or this is one of your hobbies, right now is the right time to turn your writing skills into an ongoing income. 

To get started, find out what you like writing about. Perhaps, you are well-versed in psychology and relations – in this case, you can get in touch with the companies from this niche. Maybe, you know a lot about the development and technologies  – right now a lot of startups are looking for content writers and marketers to promote their solutions.

Or maybe you still remember the subjects you have studied in college  -in this case, you can become an academic writer and help other students with their homework for money. Actually, the list of opportunities to monetize your writing skills is unlimited; click here to read more on the content monetization strategies that work. You can even consider writing your own book and sell it on Amazon in a kindle version.

Here is what do you need to get started:

  • Passion for writing
  • Understanding basic SEO tools and working approaches. 
  • Good self and time-management skills
  • Inspiration. 

Promote Products on Affiliate Terms

Looking for ways to make money from home? Consider affiliate marketing as one of the website monetization strategies. In a nutshell, the essence of affiliate marketing is promoting the products or services on your website and receiving a commission for each lead or sale.

Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Still, this idea works best for those who have already have a well-developed website or blog but nevertheless, 

creating a website for money from scratch is also possible. 

Here is how to get started step by step to make extra money with affiliate programs:

  • Create your website. Fortunately, there are a lot of online website builders that allow for creating websites fast. Most of them come with good SEO features for quick promotion and making money online as a result.
  • Join an affiliate network. There are a lot of platforms that connect product owners with affiliates. Research them and find the offer you would like to promote.
  • Create promotional content. At this point, your job as an affiliate marketer significantly overlaps with the way to earn money online we have mentioned in the previous section. Still, writing affiliate marketing content has its specifics. You should promote the product naturally but still tell the users about all its pros and cons to help them avoid the expectation vs reality mismatch. Also, consider promoting several affiliate products, which are better to be non-competitive but still belong to the same niche  – in this case, your audience is more likely to get interested by all the offers. 
  • Receive a commission each time your reader makes a purchase after jumping from your website to the product’s website. Experienced affiliate marketers recommend promoting more expensive products since your commission will be higher in this case. Still, if you have a popular website with low to averagely-solvent users, promoting cheaper products can also be an option. In this case, you win by selling in a bulk. 

Create Designs and Videos

Creating animations, videos and website design is another opportunity to legally make money online, work from home, stay flexible and make use of your creative talent, receiving a high and stable income. Depending on your desires and initial skills, you can master each of the creative directions.

There are a lot of online courses for future designers, artists, animators, and video producers. Get started with learning for free and gradually boost your skills. Here is how to become sucessfull in a creative and trendy field:

Decide what do you want to create. If you have no skills at the moment, move from simple to complex tasks. That is, get started by learning web design basics and practice to develop a strong skill. Then, proceed with learning animations. After you become good at design and animation, you can advance to the field of video production.

Choose a career option. You can work either as a freelance artist or consider full-time employment remotely. Both of the ways require you to create a well-structured CV and prepare a visual portfolio.

Enjoy what you are doing and let your creativity shine. The best thing about joining the world of design and animation is to develop and showcase your creative talent day after day, so make sure to do it if you feel this option is right for you. 


Actually, the list of online jobs and opportunities for making money from home can go on and on. But not all of the options are equally safe and legit. So, make sure to proceed with relevant and transparent options to avoid scams and disappointment. An online job, in most cases, is as hard as an in-office one – you still have to work in both of the cases, The only difference is the environment you are working in. Working from home is a more winning idea, so stay tuned into the opportunities! 

Author Bio:

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and SEO. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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