Are refurbished iPhones good? An Unbiased Look into Refurbished

Are refurbished iPhones good

Getting an iPhone is a dream for many. It’s no secret that the iPhone is the king of phones. But the high cost of a new iPhone is a turn off for many. That’s why many are turning their attention to refurbished phones.

The thing is refurbished iPhones are the easiest link to own an iPhone. They are a bit cheaper than the new ones. The only debatable issue is the quality of these phones, which brings us to the question of the day;

Are refurbished iPhones good?

Well, yes and no! Yes, if you are buying from a reliable source and no if you are not. Refurbished iPhones are not damaged phones. They are phones returned to the seller within the 30-day or so, return window. Refurbished phones are different from used or secondhand phones. There’s a high chance they are still in perfect working condition. Refurbished phones are repaired and inspected before being sold. They also come with warranties so you can return them if things go wrong.

So that’s the answer on whether refurbished iPhones are worth splashing the cash on or not. Continue reading to get more information that will enable you to make an informed decision on this subject.

Refurbished iPhones from Manufacturer or seller – Which is better?

I plan to approach this topic from all angles so you can have all the information required to make an informed decision. So, stay with me!

First and foremost, what is a refurbished iPhone? Let’s get this definition out of the way.

A refurbed iPhone isn’t a secondhand or used phone. A refurbed phone may have spent 30 or fewer days with the user or returnee, while the used phones may have spent years with the owner. The reason a user or buyer may return a newly bought iPhone (that’s later refurbished and sold) differs. It may be because the phone is faulty, change of choice, or that the buyer isn’t satisfied with the gadget.

Once a phone leaves the shop and returned after a few days, no reputable buyer would resell such a phone as a new one. Even if the reason the phone was returned is that the buyer wants to exchange it for another model, the returned mobile phone will have to be refurbished and sold as a refurb.

Here’s another thing you need to know about refurbed iPhones. When the iPhone is returned to the retailer (during the warranty period) a reputable retailer will thoroughly inspect it to identify the faults and fix them. In most cases, some of the refurbed iPhones only had their cosmetic parts changed, while some had their panels changed. No reputable refurbished iPhone seller would want to see their products returned, particularly when there’s a warranty on the phone. They will try their possible best to put the device in shape before selling it.

Now, should you buy your refurbished iPhone from a manufacturer or seller? You shouldn’t blame people who are totally against buying refurbished iPhones. Most of them have had bad experiences. The point is most refurbished gadgets like phones, aren’t worth a penny. They are nowhere near the quality of a refurbished phone.

I would say buy your refurbished phone from a manufacturer if you have the chance. And there are many reasons to do this. Firstly, the manufacturer refurbishment process is different and more authentic.

Before selling a refurbished mobile phone, a reputable manufacturer will take the device through a process. These including testing to detect any defects, repair, and test again to make sure the phone is in good shape before selling it.

A manufacturer may also be able to offer you a warranty, maybe for three or six months. You can even opt for a warranty extension if you like. So, you can see that buying from a manufacturer sounds like a reasonable deal. Finally, ensure you are dealing with a reputable manufacturer.

Is buying a seller refurbished iPhone an unwise decision? Well, let’s not generalize because there are still good refurbished mobile phone sellers out there. You can buy a seller refurbished phone, but make sure you trust the seller in question. Otherwise, it’s not worth your penny.

Reasons a refurbished iPhone might be right for you

Ask your friend or sibling what their dream mobile phone is. Even if they have numerous options, the iPhone will make it to their list. No, seriously, almost everybody wants an iPhone. In addition to being feature-rich, the style and appeal of iPhones make them worth carrying around.

However, the hefty price tag on iPhones is a turn off for many. Another painful part is you may have to dump it after a couple of years and spend a higher amount to acquire the next iPhone in vogue.

A refurbished iPhone is a bit cheaper and a wise choice for people on a budget. Thus, you will save money and still be able to get the iPhone model of your choice. Another exciting part is, people won’t know that you are using a refurbished iPhone unless you tell them. That’s because you won’t find it written anywhere on the phone.

A refurbished iPhone is similar to a new one. The only difference is that it might have stayed with the previous buyer for a couple of days before being returned to the original seller. If the returned phone is faulty, the manufacturer then looks for the fault, fixes it, and sells it as a refurbished mobile phone.

Note: So, if you know a reliable seller or retailer that sells refurbished iPhones, that’s where you should get your iPhone. Otherwise, save up for a new iPhone. 

Refurbished Vs. Used iPhones: What are the differences?

Most people use the word “Used phones” in place of “Refurnished phones.” And you can’t blame them. However, there’s a big difference between refurbished iPhones and used ones. Check them out below!

1. Refurbished iPhones may have warranties

A warranty eliminates the fear of losing money by buying the wrong product. When there’s a warranty, you are sure of getting back your full money or a replacement for the product.

However, refurbished iPhones sold by some reputable manufacturers have warranties, while only a handful of used iPhone sellers offer warranties. Even if you eventually find one, the warranty will be for a short period.

2. The condition of the iPhone

A used iPhone may be sold to the buyer in the same physical state. The reason most used iPhone sellers don’t fancy spending money on a repair is because it would lower their profit.

However, refurbished iPhones are no different from a new phone. They are restored to the same working condition as the new ones. So, a refurbished iPhone may be in a better state concerning physical condition than the used one.

3. Age of the device

Age is another factor that separates a refurb iPhone from a used one. Phones returned to sellers and sold as refurbs have only been with the previous buyers for a specific period. If the warranty on the new phone is for 30 days, the buyer has to return the phone within that period. So, you are sure your refurbished phone hasn’t spent years in the hands of the returnee.

But a used iPhone is quite different. One or more persons might have used it for months or years. Some sellers are also not truthful. And because of their untruthfulness and eagerness to sell, they may give false information on how long the phone has been used.

4. Support for refurbished and used iPhone

Support is one thing you cannot miss out on as an iPhone user. You may need it at some point. For instance, if your phone eventually develops a software issue, you need to have an Apple software specialist look into it.

When you purchase your refurbished iPhone from Apple, you can receive software support from the company’s specialist. You can’t receive the same support when you buy a used iPhone.

Where to buy a refurbished iPhone

Refurbished iPhone sellers are numerous. However, we recommend buying from a reputable source. Amazon and eBay sell refurbished iPhones. You can also buy from the Apple store directly.

Many sellers are into the business of selling refurb phones, but ensure you get yours from a reputable source. The above-listed stores have a wide variety of refurbed iPhones and can offer you quite a bargain.


Are refurbished iPhones good? That’s the question. The summary of the answer is if you are buying from a reputable seller, then yes, a refurbished iPhone is worth it. In addition to the fact that you will receive a bargain, refurbished iPhones are as good as new. They usually are tested, and faults detected are fixed before being sold. Also, refurbished mobile phones have warranties. That means you can return any faulty mobile phone and get a replacement or your money back.

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