Top 10 Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming Review In 2022: A Buying Guide

Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming

When looking for the best ethernet cables for gaming pc, you have to look beyond speed. You need to consider the application for which the cable is meant to serve. While some cables can be as short as 5 ft. some can be as long as 100ft. Both the shorter and longer cables do have their applicable situations and advantages. Cat8 cable is faster than Cat7 which is faster than cat 6, with cat 5 and 5e having the lowest speeds. Fortunately, even, cat5 and cat5e are very fast enough for many gaming needs. You should keep in mind that the higher the Category the more expensive a cable can be.

Here are the top 3 cables from our list to have a look at a glance before we go for the entire guide.

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Things To Look Out For While Choosing The Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming 

There are several things you should consider when choosing the best Ethernet cable for gaming pc. The most important factors to consider are;

1. Length of cable

The length of cable is one of the most important factors to consider because it affects signals and it is also important for connectivity purposes. Keep in mind that the increase in length can bring about latency or weakening of signals. Since cables come with readily-attachable connectors you should go for the shortest lengths possible.

You should go for the 50ft, 100ft, and longer cables if your hardware such as PS4, Xbox, and Routers are far from each other. You must measure the distance between your gaming console and router before choosing the right length of cable.

2. The Compatibility of Cable with Other Devices

The rule of the thumb as regards choosing Ethernet cables for gaming is that you should go for the ones with most compatibility. Most Ethernet cables are manufactured by their original service providers, hence they may have limited compatibility with other devices. This means that you may likely buy cables manufactured by the same gaming console manufacturer.

You should go for a cable that guarantees to work with many game consoles. You should also inquire if the game console has a jack that will support the use of different cables.

3. The Category of Cable

Ethernet cables for gaming do come in diverse categories and fortunately, each category can work in the absence of the other. The higher the cable category, the faster and more reliable it gets. This means that a category 8 cable is far better than a category 7 which is far better than Cat6 and Cat5e and Cat 5 offers the lowest speed.

You must also keep in mind that the higher the category, the higher the cost. In addition to gaming, you may use a cat5 and Cat 6 for electronics, streaming, surfing the net, and some other professional jobs. If you are a heavy gamer, you should consider Cat 7 and 8, even though Cat 6 and Cat 5 can also do the job.

Cat 5 and Cat 5e cables are rated for a bandwidth of around 100MHZ while Cat 6 is rated for 250 MHz This means that a cat 6 cable will provide more bandwidth for data transfer, hence the difference in speed. Several Cat 8 cables can support up to 10GBs data speed, making them the best for heavy gaming.

4. Flat or Round

Most Ethernet cables for gaming come in either flat or round design. The flat cables are much more convenient to install, hide, or run over edges and surfaces especially with clips. The round cables, on the other hand, are tougher and can withstand heavier mechanical accidents.

Flat cables can be run under your carpet hence they don’t create any mess but they don’t have as much strength as round cables. If you are the clumsy type with high risks of mechanical accidents, you should go for round cables. Flat cables are more suitable for those who have issues with space and lots of traffic.

5. Durability

The durability of your Ethernet cables for gaming should also be your priority. You will notice some cables do come with gold-plated RJ45 connectors. The reason for this is to increase the strength and durability of the cable.

The plating material can resist moisture and all other adverse weather conditions that can cause breakages to the connector. The durability of your Ethernet cable is even more important when you use the cable outdoors.

6. Price

Price should be the last factor you should consider because you don’t want to compromise quality. As mentioned earlier, the price of Ethernet cables increases with an increase in category. If you can afford a Cat 8 cable, you should probably go for it instead of a cheaper Cat 7 if you game a lot. If you probably game for a few hours a day or week and surf the internet more, then a Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable should be fine.

Review Of The Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming 

1. Zosion Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 

Zosion Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Arguably the best lan cable for gaming because of its incredible 100ft length and high-speed of 2000 MHz It also comes with a 40 GB/s internet patch cable cord that is shielded with gold-plated RJ45 connector. It is suitable for gaming boxes, TV and PCs, PS4, Modem or Router, and Mac devices and Xbox.

You don’t have to worry about cables causing a huge mess. You can use this one to game and stream videos and music off the internet. A stable speed is guaranteed with the 26AWG thick cable. The cable itself is wrapped in a 0.8mm thick PVC.

It is compatible with lower versions such as Cat 5, 5e, 6, and Cat 7. The product has been fluke-tested and has received quality certifications from appropriate authorities. The product also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from manufacturers.

- Why we liked this product especially?

We liked this product because of its backward compatibility with lower-grade cables like Cat5 and Cat6. We also liked it for its noise-cancellation feature.

  • The incredible speed that supports uninterrupted gaming.
  • Patch cord is gold-plated for extra durability.
  • 100ft of length is long enough to connect all devices.
  • A Very stable speed with noise and crosstalk protection.
  • Compatible with lower grades like Cat5 and 6.
  • It is quite too long to stop latency.

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2. Matein Cat7 Flat Ethernet Cable

Cat7 Flat Ethernet Cable

This is one of the fastest ethernet cables because it has a shorter length than most Cat8 cables. It measures 50ft. in length which is long enough for most gaming connections. It is flat, and the internet cord provides a snag-less connector with the RJ45 clips.

This cable supports up to 10,000 Mbps with a bandwidth of 600 MHz It is great for video streaming, cloud computing, server applications, and video surveillance, in addition to fast gaming. The cable provides a universal connection to Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox 360, switches, routers, network printers, and computers.

Protected by 100% bare copper wire. It comes with very minimal noise and less interference. It is highly durable; hence it can survive in just any environment. It can be easily installed indoor or outdoor and the bare copper ensures greater speed. This product comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

- Why we liked this product especially?

The bare copper protection comes with greater speed. We also liked the flatness of the cable because it makes it easier to conceal from public space.

  • Flat cable makes it easy to store and pass under floor covers like carpets.
  • Multiple applications are supported.
  • Powerful gaming speed support.
  • Very flexible and thin to save space.
  • comes with 20 free clips to attach a cable to any surface.
  • Completely flat which makes it susceptible to mechanical damage.

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3. Jadaol white Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

White Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

This is the best ethernet cable for pc gaming in the Cat6 category. It offers a cat6 performance but at a price of cat5 though it offers more bandwidth than any Cat5 or 5e out there. The cable measures 100 ft. It works with a router, modem, Xbox, PCs, and laptops.

It is characterized by Unshielded Gold-plated connectors for extra durability. This means the cable will work efficiently under different environmental conditions. The flatness of the cable also allows for a cleaner and more stable installation.

It is completely Snagless and provides very reliable connectivity. This also explains why it is quiet and easy to use without clumsiness.

The cables can be made to run over any type of edges and corners, and you can just slide it under your carpet. This is one of the best Cat 6 cables you can find in the market today.

- Why we liked this product especially?

We liked this ethernet cable for Xbox one because it is flat and can be easily passed on the walls with clips or under the carpet. Though it is not the fastest out there in terms of speed, it offers great value for money.

  • It comes with 25 cable clips for easy attachment.
  • Great speed for gaming, streaming, and internet surfing.
  • Very minimal noise interference.
  • Great value for money.
  • 100ft of length reaches more distances.
  • Too flat to withstand certain mechanical accidents.

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4. Jdaol Black Cat7 Shielded Ethernet Cable

Cat7 Shielded Ethernet Cable

This gaming ethernet cable will provide gaming support at a high frequency of 600 MHz. It is a completely flat ethernet patch cord that is faster than any Cat 6 or 5e cable out there.

The cable is also compatible with lower models like Cat 5, 5e, and 6. The high-speed ethernet cable offers a very fast speed gaming experience for internet routers, Modem, Xbox, PS4, Hubs, and cameras.

It comes in black color, and the shielded RJ45 connectors are plated with gold pins. It is the ideal cable you can rely on for networking your switches, adapters, hubs, and modems for higher performance applications.

With the flat design, you can effortlessly run the cable through the walls, door, and under the carpets. It measures 50ft in length which is long enough for connecting your devices. With many clips attached, you can connect the cable to any surface.

- Why we liked this product especially?

We liked the fact that this cable does not create any mess after installation. It does not generate noises while gaming and can be used indoor or outdoor.

  • Compatible with lower versions like Cat 6k, 5e, and 5.
  • Very flat for easy installation and connection.
  • Gold-plated connectors ensure a longer life span.
  • It comes with lots of clips for easy installation.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The flatness can make it susceptible to heavy mechanical damage.

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5. UGREEN Cat7 Ethernet Cable

UGREEN Cat7 Ethernet Cable

With an incredible 10Gbps speed at 600MHz/s, this is surely the fastest ethernet cable for gaming in the cat7 category. The cable will successfully connect any hardware to your Local Area Network (LAN).

The RJ45 cable is shielded from external interference with coated connectors at the end. It is compatible with just any type of hardware connected to LAN, these include PCs, printers, servers, routers, and Switch boxes.

When compared to Cat6 cable, the extra shielding makes this cable more effective. With proper shielding, all interferences that can degrade signal quality have been eliminated successfully. The flat cables are very easy to manage by running it under the carpet or on the wall surfaces.

It comes with a 24-months warranty, plus a 24/7 customer support online.

- Why we liked this product especially?

We especially prefer this cable especially if there is no Cat 8, because of its excellent speed. We also appreciate its gold-plated connectors that offer extra durability. Overall, it is a cable you can rely upon for gaming and other things.

  • It offers Great speed for gaming, streaming, and surfing the web.
  • Extra shielding improved quality significantly.
  • It provides higher protection against crosstalk, noise, and external interferences.
  • Flatness ensures that tangled chord issues are avoided.
  • 24k gold plating of the connector provides extra-long life.
  • The flat design may be too thin to stop some mechanical damages.

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6. Cat6, 50ft White Ethernet Cable

Cat6, 50ft White Ethernet Cable

This is one flat LAN patch cable that offers great speed and reliability. It is a Cat6 ethernet cable, hence it is faster than the regular Cat5 and 5e.

This product comes with 15 clips to attach the cable easily hence you wouldn’t have to spend extra for such. It provides universal connectivity to all LAN components, which include PCs, modem, routers, PS4, Xbox, NAS, and VoIP phones. This is one option you don’t want to leave out when making comparisons.

The Cat6 cable offers great performance at a frequency of 250 MHz The patch cable RJ 45 connectors are gold-plated for extra durability. Made from 100% copper, hence it ensures a very minimal interference and noise.

With the flat cable shape, you will get a cleaner and much safer installation by running it under carpets and on surfaces like walls.

- Why we liked this product especially?

We give special preference to this product ahead of other Cat6 or lesser cables because of its very low noise and interference levels. The cable can conveniently run over edges of doors, windows, and tables without creating any mess around. It is ideal for please with very minimal space.

  • It has 15 cables for easy attachment.
  • Universal connectivity to many hardware devices.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very minimal noise and interference.
  • Great price bargain.
  • Little latency may be recorded after prolonged gaming.

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7. Vandesail Cat7 Network Cable

Vandesail Cat7 Network Cable

This Cat7 ethernet cable supports up to 10 Gb/s of speed. The connector is gold-plated for extra strength and long life.

At just 3 meters in length, this is one of the shortest Cat7 cables you will find around. The FTP shielded ethernet cable will support your gaming, internet surfing, and content downloads or streaming online. With its short length, there is no latency associated with longer cables.

The cable comes with a wide range of applications. It can be used for network adapters, routers, hubs, DSL, cables, modems, PS3, PS4, patch panels, and Xbox.

There are shielded, twisted pairs, and this additional shielding has provided greater protection against noise, crosstalk, and interference. It comes with a very slim design with space efficiency and that provides good electrical characteristics.

- Why we liked this product especially?

We liked this ethernet cable because it saves space and it does not create any mess. You can also notice the prevention of unwanted snags in the cable during usage. This is one reason the cable remains one of the most reliable options among cat7 category ethernet cables.

  • The short cable is the ideal option for applications that don’t require length connectivity.
  • No latency.
  • Extra shielding offers protection against noise and interference.
  • Provides very accurate data transfer and highly reliable
  • Available at affordable prices
  • 3 meters is very short a length for several applications.

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8. CableGeeker 6-pack 5ft Cat7 Ethernet Cable

 6-pack 5ft Cat7 Ethernet Cable

This is the best ethernet cable for gaming if you are looking to save money and get more for the price. It is compatible with lower versions such as Cat6, Cat5, and Cat5e.

It is made up of 4 shielded twisted pairs of original copper wire. The contact pins with the RJ45 connector, are also plated with gold for extra durability and protection. The gold-plating will also increase resistance to noise, interference, and crosstalk.

With speed support of up to 600 MHz, you can transfer data quickly over server applications, video streaming, or chatting and cloud storage.

It comes in 6 different colors. These colors are; white, black, blue, green, yellow, red. The cables are super-flat and can run under the carpet, on edges of doors and tables and walls. The package also comes with clips for easy attachment.

The ethernet cable can transport up to 10 Gb/s of data while gaming, surfing the net, or streaming videos.

- Why we liked this product especially?

From the aesthetic point of view, this pack of 6 cables in 1 is very pleasant to behold. They are also short, making them more desirable for shorter connectivity.

  • Gold-plated RJ connector provides protection and reduced crosstalk and interference.
  • The high-speed ethernet cable supports speeds of up to 600 MHz.
  • Highly compatible with Cat6, 5, and 5e.
  • Much lesser noise and high reliability.
  • one price for 6 different cables.
  • Too short for some applications.

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9. GLANICS Cat 8 Internet Chord

GLANICS Cat 8 Internet Chord

This is a 10ft high-speed LAN cable and happens to be the best ethernet cord for gaming, especially for shorter connectivity. It comes with a gold-plated RJ45 connector that offers an extra layer of protection. This 10ft cable will support up to 2000 MHz of data speed.

The anti-interference shielded twisted pair on this cable helps reduce the risks of interference and cross-talk. The inside is made of completely Oxygen-free copper. The line- tearing on the inside also prevents breakages that may occur to the cable.

This cable is stronger than many other ethernet cables out there hence it will work efficiently in any condition.

- Why we liked this product especially?

We liked this product because of the convenience its shortness offers.

  • Up to 2000 MHz of data speed.
  • It is more stable than the Cat 7 ethernet cable.
  • Very difficult to break or tear.
  • Compatible with Cat6,7,5 and 5e.
  • It produces Zero-latency even under prolonged usage.
  • Too short for some applications.

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10. Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

This is a Cat6 ethernet cable that measures 50 ft. in length. It supports up to 10Gbps of data at a frequency of 550 MHz This cable is also compatible with Cat5, and 5e.

Though it is a Cat6 ethernet cable, its performance exceeds expectations. The cable comes with an extra layer or jacket of durable PVC and it is UL listed and certified. Its high-speed data transfer makes it usable for many applications include video surveillance and online video streaming.

The twisted pair construction wires are separated highly-rated insulators to prevent over-heating. It comes with an adjustable free Velcro strap that is reusable. The product can be used in indoor and outdoor applications.

This product comes with a manufacturer warranty plus a 24/7 online customer care support.

- Why we liked this product especially?

We liked this product, especially for its speed and security. If feels more secure with the availability of a Velcro strap. It also provides convenient connectivity without creating any mess.

  • It offers a super performance.
  • Applicable to a wide range of situations.
  • Low heat, low noise, and no interference.
  • Velcro strap ensures stability.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Minor latency is possible with its length.

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What Are The Types Of Ethernet Cables That Are Suitable For Gaming (400 Words)?

There are 2 types of Ethernet cables suitable for gaming, these are; Coaxial and Twisted Pair

1. Coaxial cabling 

The coaxial cable comes with an inner conductor that runs through the middle of the cable. This conductor is surrounded by an external layer of insulator which is also surrounded by an external layer of conducting shield. The design of the coaxial cable makes it very efficient in repelling outside interferences that can slow down the performance of the cable when gaming.

The Coaxial cable can support the speed of about 10 Mbps. Though the speed is great for gaming this type of cable is not as great as the twisted pair.

2. The Twisted Pair Cabling

The typical twisted-pair Ethernet cable comes with 4 pairs of wires twisted around each other. The twisting of the wire is deliberately done to reduce external interferences and issues like crosstalk. This type of cabling is very common in Local Area Networks connected to gaming consoles and other devices.

The twisted-pair Ethernet cabling is common in networks and there are two versions of it. The Un-shielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pair(STP), are the two forms of twisted Ethernet cabling you can find today. The STP comes with an additional layer of insulation to prevent over-heating. If you want to reduce heat generation in your cables when gaming, perhaps the twisted pair cabling is your best option.

CAT 5 VS CAT 6 VS CAT 7: Which Ones Are Good For Gaming 

Cat 5, 6, and 7 are the commonest cables for gaming and it is important to know the major differences between them. Knowing the major differences between these main cables will help you personalize your gaming experiences. Keep in mind that the version of your gaming console and speed with the memory of your PC may also affect the speed and performance of your cable.

The cat5 cable is an example of the unshielded twisted pair cable that is characterized by 4 pairs of colors of wires. The Cat6 cable is an example of a shielded twisted pair. The twisted shielded pair cable is known for its foil shield covering.

With the shielding of the cables, there is an extra layer of protection against interferences and data leakage. This is one of the reasons why Cat6 offers more data bandwidth transfer than cat5 or cat5e.

When it comes to the issue of cat6 vs. cat7 for gaming, Cat 7 is shielded only while cat6 comes in both shielded or unshielded. Another major difference between the two is that Cat 7 supports up to 10GBs speed while Cat 6 supports a maximum of 1Gbps speed.

When it comes to standard bandwidth, Cat 5e supports between 100-350 MHz bandwidth, while Cat 6 supports up to 500 MHz. Cat 7 will support up to 600 MHz bandwidth.

When it comes to maximum data rate or speed, Cat 5 will support a maximum of 1000Mb/s while Cat 6 supports up to1 Gb/s, Cat 7 will support up to 10Gb/s of speed.

It is easy to say that Cat6 and Cat 7 are the best options for gaming because they support greater speed and bandwidth. Cat 7 is also the only shielded cable option with double layers of insulation to prevent data leakages and external interferences.

With these features in mind, it is easy to say that all the cable types are great for gaming but it depends on how frequently you play your game. For light gamers, a cat5 cable may be enough, heavy gamers will surely need cat6 or cat 7 to sustain their lifestyle

How Does Ethernet Cable Help Gaming? 

Ethernet cable helps gaming in several ways. First, it helps to facilitate the transfer of data over networks to ensure that optimal speed is maintained.

Secondly, with insulation layers protecting cable wires, you can rest assured that data leaks and over-heating will be prevented. Data leaks, in particular, are common in cables with little or no insulation. With data leaks, your gaming speed is greatly reduced and some devices may even shut off.

Ethernet cables also help gaming by providing connectivity to all peripherals. For instance, the cables will connect your consoles to the Local Area Network Internet and also to your TV. Without the cables, it will be impossible to connect to other third-party hardware to enhance your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Question: Can a Cat6 and Cat6a cables be mixed in a gaming set up

Answer: It is quite common to see variables of two cable versions being mixed within the gaming setting these days. The answer to this question is yes! One issue that may occur here is that a cable that supports lower bandwidth may affect one with higher bandwidth. In this case, you may only achieve the speed the Cat 6 version offers.

Question: Which should I choose, Shielded or Unshielded twisted pair cable?

Answer: Fortunately, both shielded and unshielded twisted cables offer great insulation layers that protect your copper cables within. The main difference between the two is that the shielded cable comes with a foil shield that acts as another layer of protection.

This explains why cat 7 shielded cables are more efficient than Cat 6. The cat 7 cables are made up of shielded and foil shield layers while Cat 6 cable is made up of an insulation layer only.

If you are ready to pay extra for the shielded cat 7 cable, you will get a greater speed plus extra protection layer. This, however, does not mean the unshielded cat 6 will not deliver great gaming performances. Perhaps you should consider your particular situation before making a choice.

If for instance, you are a heavy gamer, a shielded Cat 7 is a better option than unshielded Cat 6. If you surf the internet most times, or you live stream videos and songs, then a Cat 6 may be enough.


This content has given you an insight into everything you need to learn and do as regards choosing the best cables for gaming. It makes a lot of sense to adhere strictly to this guide and product review. You should consider measuring the distance between your game console and your PC before you choose the right length of cable.

You should also measure the distance between your game console and your router or any other peripheral you will connect unto. Even though the shorter the cable the better, it is important not to underrate the distance between your cable and PC. If possible you should go for different cable lengths at the same time and see the one that works best for your needs.

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