Can I Delete My Pubg Account?

It is now impossible to play the game using a non-official account. The number of gamers who cheat to win is too high, and this is the reason why the game can no longer be played using a non-official account.

Can I delete my PUBG account?

You can no longer play the game if you don’t sign in with either Google or Facebook. You need to either use a guest account or play the game with a real account.

What happens if I delete PUBG mobile?

As long as you do not open your account, the files are safe.

How do I delete PUBG data?

PUBG Mobile was launched on some phone brands. So, to delete an account from PUBG Mobile, just open “Settings” and tap on “Delete account”.

How do I delete my PUBG career results?

In the Basic Settings section, scroll down and turn off “Allow others to see your results.” After doing this, you will not be visible to others.

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