How Do I Control Spotify With Sonos?

Open the Spotify app. Go to the now playing screen. At the bottom of the screen tap the Devices available and select your Sonos speaker or group.

Why can’t I play Spotify on Sonos?

If you have a Sonos speaker, you may have connectivity problems with Spotify. The app may stop connecting with the speakers because of your home network.

How do you use Spotify control?

To join the free Pandora app to stream Spotify, you’ll have to download and install it on your control device–typically a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Make sure that the Pandora app and your chosen product are connected to the same wireless network. Open Spotify on your phone, sign in to a Pandora account, and choose a song to begin listening to.

Can I play Spotify on Sonos without Sonos app?

To add a new streaming service like Spotify, you’ll need to open the Sonos Settings and click on the services icon. Then, you’ll need to find Spotify and sign in or create an account with the service. Afterwards, you’ll be able to use it on your Sonos system.

Can you control Sonos without app?

All you need to do is go to your Settings and find Device Management and from there choose the option to switch to mobile mode.

How do I control Spotify from another device?

Now, Spotify has allowed you to use the app even if a speaker is not connected to a charging source. Now, you can use it on multiple devices at once.

How do I play a Spotify playlist with Google Assistant?

If you want to hear a particular playlist, simply say: “Play [insert playlist name].” And if you want to hear your own playlist, things function in many the same way.

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