10 Educational Websites You Should Bookmark

10 Educational Websites You Should Bookmark

Students should use any help they can get. Especially it refers to websites, apps, and other tools, capable of solving some of their academic problems. To be a student and to stay clear of all these instruments is unforgivable today. They don’t provide you with a competitive advantage, but they definitely make your opportunities equal to those of other students.

Thus, lots of young people seek educational websites that can help them study more efficiently. Quality ones are not so easy to find. Thus, we decided to make a list of the top educational websites where you can request a service or seek the information you need.

Here is what we’ve got:


Should you need any help with your writing – from getting a sample paper to proofreading and editing, Paperwriter.com is the website you need. This website has the best team of professionals to handle any type of assignment regardless of complexity.

Even though many students still hesitate about using these services, Paperwriter.com has an impeccable reputation. Repeat clients tirelessly leave positive feedback, saying “paper writers account has a dozen of completed orders; their services definitely have helped me improve my grades.” This is true: the website is targeted to ease the academic burden and show students how the assignment should be done to qualify for a good mark.

The Free Library

Finding the right sources for your essays and writing projects is essential for their success. At the same time, good literature is often hard to access. Some libraries require payment for access. Others demand you to buy every file at a high price.

Unless you need something specific, The Free Library can help you in seeking references. It has lots of articles grouped by date, topic, authors, etc. You can easily navigate through the website to find the information you need for your assignment. The best thing about it is that the website and its materials are available for free.


EdX and other similar websites like Coursera, FutureLearn, and Udemy offer lots of courses to you. If you feel that you lack some knowledge, you can easily make up for it by taking a short-term online class.

Also, since EdX collaborates with the world’s best universities and colleges, its courses qualify for non-degree education. Thus, you can learn accounting or any other discipline professionally at your own pace. Quality education is closer than you think.


Wikipedia and WikiHow are great websites to look for information. You can’t reference them in your essays and projects, but you can use them to seek proper academic sources. Wiki family has many websites powered to promote easy access to information. They are not as evil as academia tries to portray them. In fact, they can be quite useful.

Wikipedia and WikiHow store lots of information, although some of which is fake. It is useful to start your research with these sources, proving them right or wrong based on scholarly sources.

Bright Knowledge

If you want to live brightly, Bright Knowledge is something you should read every day. Apart from academic advice, it also has the information you need to succeed in student life.

This amazing website contains the information you need to continue development and growth. This is a useful portal for students who are looking for new opportunities. Lots of articles are published daily providing practical advice and guides concerning career pathways, accommodation, finance, etc.

The Student Room

The best about college education is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. The Student Room is a platform that unites 1.8 million people who belong to a single student community.

Here, you can get in touch with people having similar academic issues, discuss them, and find a solution together. Also, the website has lots of great tools you can use to revise or improve your writing assignments as well as a pool of learning resources.

Iris AI

As a student involved in research, you know how important that is to come up with original ideas. At the same time, you know exactly how hard it is to filter something unique from the findings that were already published in any way.

Iris AI can help you find any paper that already contains similar ideas. You can seek information based on the topic or even insert a link or a TedTalk to see if someone used similar ideas in their papers. The tool is also helpful for those looking for excellent references for their papers.


Cheat sheets are essential for students getting ready for exams. It does not necessarily mean they will use them to cheat; instead, they are quite helpful for preparation. Creating these sheets is time-consuming and difficult. That is why Cheatography as a tool is very much helpful.

You can browse a wide variety of topics to create your own cheat sheets. Also, you can use hundreds of already existing ones if they fit your course. There is a community feature, too, so you can split up the work between different people or communicate to clear your doubts.


Brainly is a great website that heavily relies on the student community. This is a platform where you can ask questions and expect answers. Complete strangers willingly share their opinions and can even help you solve your homework and projects.

High chances are that somebody already asked this question. Brainly offers an extensive search option for you so that you could find useful information. Also, you can communicate with individual users, discussing certain topics.

Google Scholar

This platform definitely needs no introduction. Google Scholar is one of the most well-known in the industry. Google stores lots of information and academic papers that may be hard to process. Thus, it enables this powerful search engine to help to navigate through all this noise.

Google Scholar is a great website for high school and college students. It should definitely be among their bookmarks, as they will visit it quite often. Its educational value is immense since you can easily locate a peer-reviewed article both online or on paper.

Earn And Excel

Earn&Excel produces courses like Microsoft excel, productivity, digital marketing, and even career. It is an excellent place for learners who are looking to grow their skills.

Earn&Excel offers courses that provide the necessary knowledge about the tools you will need for your future job. If you are interested in gaining practical skills outside of academics or studying something completely different then this website is for you

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