How To Start A Liquor Store With No Money

How To Start A Liquor Store With No Money

The liquor store is one of the most profitable businesses you can establish at the moment. Liquor is consumed for so many reasons and in so many ways, therefore your market customers are always here for you and they will surely patronize you. Just like any other business, you shouldn’t jump into starting a liquor store business, make sure you do a little research and follow the recommended procedures below to help you start on a good note and maintain a successful business.

Create A Plan

According to, less than half of people who start liquor store businesses today began with little or no resources. Though there is no business you can start today without some expenses, in this situation, you don’t have to empty your accounts because you need to sell alcohol. Creating a sound business plan is perhaps the best way to get your business started. Since you are not spending money on business registration, construction of the physical store, and buying and selling the liquor, you need to have a solid plan on how to get the alcohol and sell it. Sourcing for the product and maintaining a strong connection for supply to your customers is very important.

Register With Online Transport Company

Here is where the business starts for you. Since you are not spending money to start a liquor store, you should focus on making your profit through the transportation of liquor orders to the customers. First of all, you should register with the distributors and main sellers who sell online, then you can take their orders directly and transport them to their addresses. You may never need to register with online transport companies like Uber since they don’t deal with liquor but humans.

Acquire Permit And Licenses To Sell Liquor

Now that you have raised some money to expand your business, you need to acquire the necessary license and permits because they are essential in the alcohol business. The costs of acquiring an alcohol license or permit will vary based on different factors; the city you live in, and county and state rules, size of the liquor store, physical or online sales, and type of alcohol products being sold are just a few of such factors. You may need the assistance of an attorney o help you check that you are compliant with the rules and regulations required to obtain and sustain your permit.

Create Your Brand Of Liquor Store

Now that the issue of permits and licenses have been restored, your next step is to upgrade your business into a branded liquor store. When it comes to branding, the liquor store business is a little relaxed and carefree, therefore, this step should not be difficult for you to handle. Have a unique name and visual logo that will create an identity that your customers and future customers will recognize you for. It is your brand that will determine how people perceive your store and for his reason, you should create a memorable and fun brand.

In addition to creating a visually stimulating identity, you must have a professional website for your business. You can hardly find a business in the modern world today with no website.

You should purchase a domain and hosting to establish your presence online. You should post fun content on your sites to encourage followership and share your business details such as contacts. Remember, you don’t need a physical location to do this business, you can be the middle man between liquor stores and consumers.

Tell Your Friends And Have Social Media Profiles

Almost everyone is on social media today and that is why it remains the number one marketplace to do business. You should add as many people as you can and expand your followership especially on top social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Make sure you post contents regularly ha will drive engagements and you can make announcements too especially on events where you will be supplying liquor. You will be surprised how many people will join your social media pages when they know they can get entertainment info and engage with people.

Automate Your Liquor Inventory

You should be prepared to automate your liquor business inventory because it is the most important element of the business. An automated inventory will automatically warn you when a liquor brand is running out and also send you notification of when to re-stock. There is free automation software for inventories out there but you should try and invest in paid software because they come with advanced features that can offer more than inventory control.

Build Your Marketing Strategy

In addition to proper stock control, you must have a sustainable marketing strategy. You will be tempted to expand your liquor store brand; hence you need an expanded business plan to help you get through. You may want to build upon your web presence by creating a business review profile on a website like Yelp.  Yelp is a localized website that allows people to create reviews for local businesses. The more reviews you get, the more popular you become. You should also use top search engines like Google o index your business for more expansion. A solid market plan will also include ways you can save on costs of transporting liquors to customers and how you can get your loyal customers to refer you to more people so ha your network can expand.


The process of building a liquor store without money requires dedication. You may begin the business by simply becoming a delivery man, once you raise the initial capital, you will want to expand and establish the business. since a liquor business is a continuous one, you need a plan o keep the business afloat even in times of low patronage. The more customers you can bring into your network, the steadier your liquor business becomes and it will come to a time you will no have to supply everyone again.

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