How Can I Delete My Viber Account From Lost Phone?

When you lose your Viber phone, you can deactivate it by reactivating it with the same phone number on a new phone. Viber will be closed on the old device after you set it up on a fresh mobile phone with the same number.

How can I delete my Viber account from lost phone?

If you have lost your phone, you can deactivate Viber on your old phone. You can then reactivate it with the same phone number on a new device.

How can I deactivate Viber if my phone is stolen?

If you have lost your phone or it is missing, turn off Viber from it and then reactivate the account with the same number on a new phone. Your friends will be able to check their messages on a new phone, but no one will be able to access the chats saved there.

Can I still use my Viber account even if I lost my SIM card that I use to register?

If you insert a new SIM card, the Viber app will recognize it. … This implies that you will be unable to access your Viber account unless you still have access to your old SIM card and can receive an activation SMS/phone call.

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