How Do I Delete An Amino You Created?

To delete an amino that has been created, go to the “My Aminos” page and find the amino. Click on the three dots next to the name of the amino and select “Delete.

Can you delete an Animo account?

You can delete an Animo account by going to your account settings and finding the “delete account” button. Deleting your account will erase all of your data and messages from our servers.

How do I delete my amino post?

You would then go back to the comments section where you left your original comment and hit “delete.” You would then confirm that you want to delete that comment.

What happens when you delete an amino account?

If you delete your amino account, all of your content (including messages, posts, and followers) will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to recover it. Deactivating your account simply hides it from other users and keeps all of your data intact.
We are unable to recover deleted content unless you contact support.

How do I leave an amino community permanently?

Leaving the community permanently is like leaving a club. You would go to the front desk and tell them that you are leaving and they would give you a form to sign.

If you are leaving, please wait a few days before leaving. This is so the community can make an announcement beforehand.

Does deleting your amino account delete your messages?

When you delete your amino account, the messages are deleted from the app.
[Result]: This is how they describe the behavior for deleting an account:
[Result]: Deleted accounts will not be able to log in to Amino.
[Result]: Deleted accounts will not be able to send messages.

How do I delete an entry on amino Wiki?

If you do not want to delete the page, you can click on “edit”, “delete” or “move” in the top right corner. In the edit window, you can do almost anything. In the delete window, you can choose to delete the page or the entry. If you move the page, its position is not changed.

How do you delete unavailable comments on amino?

Some comments have an unavailable status. To delete them, click on the three dots at the top of the comment and click on the ‘delete’ button.

How do you post something on amino?

Amino lets you post text and pictures on Amino. You can also post text in a private group, and you can interact with other people in chatrooms and forums. You can upload pictures and even video and audio to Amino.

Can you delete a listed amino?

While amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, peptides are the linear chains that make up proteins. You could imagine deleting a sentence from a story by deleting a word from a sentence, or deleting a word from a longer sentence by deleting the word you want to remove.

Can you get a deleted amino account back?

Amino will not be able to return your amino account. So if you want to leave amino and not take the risk of someone using your account, best to delete your account completely.

Do your posts get deleted when you leave an amino?

Your posts may be deleted because when someone leaves an amino, sometimes the members have to delete all of your post so that it doesn’t look like you were ever there at all.

How do you join a locked amino community?

After joining the community, you will be added their member list, and all your posts will be marked for moderation.

Once you log in, you need a new account, because there is no longer any requirement for you to register your username / password for a new Amino account.

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