How Much Does It Cost to Renew A PMP Certificate? Do I Have to Renew My Certificate?

The PMP exam will be a piece of cake to get the certificate by keeping these considerations in mind!

  The PMP certificate is a paper of the certification material obtained after passing the PMP exam, which has a high value and is very popular in many industries and fields. However, there are many people who only know the benefits of PMP certification and do not know what the PMP exam is like. In order to give you a better understanding of the PMP exam, the following is a list of things to note about the PMP exam.

PMP Exam Tips – Focus on both Results and Processes

The system of the PMP knowledge is very concerned about both the process and the results. Anyone who has studied PMP should have seen the saying that only a good process can produce good results, and that bad processes don’t last. So in the PMP exam, this type of question is often asked. For example, what is the first thing a project manager should do. If you encounter this type of question, you can pay more attention to the sequence of the management process. For example, changing management process or the risk handling process, etc., will be able to solve the problem very well.

PMP Exam Tips – Centered on the Stakeholder

As the PMP is a western certification, most of the PMP exam questions are based on western thinking. In Western thinking, the stakeholder is the center of the project, so the questions often include the customer as a stakeholder. Therefore, the question of how to meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders and satisfy them is one of the most frequently asked questions in the PMP exam. Therefore, if you encounter such questions in the PMP exam, you should pay more attention to them and make sure to answer them with a western mindset.

PMP Exam Tips – Refuse to Modify Too Much

Gilding the lily means doing something outside the scope of the project for the client, without compensation, in order to please the certain associates. The PMP is a system of knowledge that teaches you how to manage projects easily and conveniently and refuses to any behaviors like the gilding the lily. So if there is a trap about gilding the lily in the questions, you should take it seriously and not be confused about it.

PMP Exam Tips – Risk Awareness

The PMP exam usually has more questions on risk management because it determines the cost and schedule of the project. The source of risk often arises from the project’s assumptions and constraints. The PMP exam on risk management generally focuses on the strategies of dealing with positive and negative risks, so you can read more about them before the exam.

The above content mainly introduces you to the considerations of the PMP exam, and I believe you will have a better understanding of the PMP exam. In addition, we need to remind you that you must relax before the exam, believe in your own strength, do not be too nervous during the exam, and play steadily on the line. If you are nervous, it will be easy to make mistakes.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.

It is advisable to renew the certificate because the time and cost of taking the PMP exam is too much at the preparation time. Besides, the PMP certificate is highly valuable and helps a lot in the workplace. The PMP certificate is only valid for three years. So if you don’t renew it, the certificate will be invalid and you can’t use it anymore.

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The PMP certificate needs to be renewed once every three years for USD 150 and 60 professional development units which can be paid directly on the PMI website.

The PMP certification has overtaken the MBA and MPA in the West and has become a “gold certificate”. Project management is widely used in aerospace, electronics, communications, computers, software development, construction, pharmaceuticals, finance and even government agencies.

At present, the project management knowledge system is widely concerned and valued by governments and enterprises in China and around the world. However, the development of project management in our country is uneven. Focusing on project management training, SPOTO aims to dig deeper into the connotation and value of project management, spread the most advanced management concepts and help individuals and enterprises achieve a qualitative leap.

The PMP certificate is valid for 3 years and can be renewed within 3 years by accumulating 60 professional development units and paying a fee of USD 150.

After obtaining the PMP certificate, in order to enhance the continuous professional development of the PMP, to encourage and recognize individual learning opportunities, and to provide a standard target mechanism for acquiring and documenting project management professional development activities, and to maintain the quality of the Project Management Professional’s international certification, all Project Management Professionals must meet the requirements of the professional development program established by PMI to maintain the validity of their qualification.

Therefore, it is still important to renew your PMP certificate after you have obtained it.

It costs $60 to renew your certificate if you are a PMI member and USD 150 for non-members.

The PMP certificate is only valid for three years and once it expires, you will need to re-register for the exam to obtain the certificate. In addition, the time and cost spent on taking the PMP exam before is significant and renewal is necessary to ensure the validity of the certificate.

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