How To Choose LED Lighting for Commercial Use?

LED commercial lighting is considered to be the best solution for organizing a practical, economical and functional store design. The main task that is assigned to the lighting equipment of the sales area is to create optimal comfortable conditions for a positive perception of the offered range of goods by the visitors.

Advantages of LED lights

LED lights are especially popular today in all areas of our life, including in retail outlets. This is due to a number of advantages, among which it is worth noting:

  • Long service life, calculated for 50 thousand hours
  • No costs for care and maintenance
  • Very low energy consumption, thus reducing lighting costs
  • Ease of disposal due to the absence of harmful substances in LEDs
  • Variety of assortment: by power, shape, color, angle of dispersion
  • Absence of ultraviolet radiation and infrared rays, which have a detrimental effect on food, fabrics, furs and other goods
  • Even light, no flicker
  • Comfort and safety for eyes and human health

LED lights for retail outlets are presented by Stage Light Manufacturer in a wide variety of variations. Large and small, round and oval, with a different angle of inclination and made of different materials of different colors – they all represent high-quality elements of a single interior of the sales area. There are different types of LED lights, 4 foot led shop light fixtures are economical and most shop owners go for this one. Most often, models on the track are chosen for stores.

Track LED lights

LED luminaires for commercial lighting are used both individually and in track systems, which have proven themselves to be the best. The track system is a network of LED luminaires connected by a single electric wire. The electrical wire is hidden in a special profile (bus), which gives the system an aesthetic and neat appearance.

Track LED luminaires for retail space are convenient in that they can be easily moved and changed their position and direction. The luminaire can be moved to the desired place and direct its luminous flux to the object or product that needs a special accent. It can be a product offered for sale at a discount, a novelty of the season, or a special pride of the store – the main thing is that the visitor sees it immediately, without making any effort.

LED ceiling lights for shops

If a ceiling view with individual points of light is preferable, rather than with track lines, then surface-mounted or pendant LED lights would be a good option. The choice of these models is also often preferable for practical reasons, when suspended ceilings cannot be installed for economic reasons – the installation of lighting fixtures and cable routing takes place directly on the ceiling.

In stores with high ceilings, pendant lights are also convenient because they can be adjusted in height, thus visually lowering the ceilings. Placing the suspensions so they can be seen by visitors will create a sense of privacy. Since these luminaires usually have a wide light distribution, they are suitable for general lighting, but not for high-contrast accent lighting. If you want to buy a reliable and economical LED light, then Lepro LED should be your best choice.

Location of LED luminaires in the retail space

Recessed LED luminaires look like dots on the ceiling, thus creating a pattern that becomes part of the design of the space. The standard solution for a uniform design is based on a conventional orthogonal scheme. But in such cases, both the light effect and the appearance of the ceiling immediately look monotonous. If you add accent lighting, then you can diversify this scheme. This will reduce the feeling of monotony and accentuate the contours of the room.

Also, in addition to organizing luminaires on a horizontal plane, the atmosphere in the retail space can be influenced by changing the installation height. In contrast to the design, when recessed luminaires are recessed into the ceiling, if the suspension is installed below, regardless of whether it is technical or decorative, a connection arises between the buyer and the luminaire. Store-in-store layouts are particularly suitable for separating zones from their surroundings by using different heights of decorative lighting fixtures.

LED retail lighting design

There are many factors to consider when planning your retail lighting. For example, you need to choose the right color temperature that best suits a specific product, or choose and position the lights so that unnecessary shadows do not appear in the hall. A real specialist will help you determine the right model, combine options of different power and performance, and make the light work for you. 

Based on the design concept of the sales area, the specifics of the product, the features of its layout and placement, a lighting system project is created, which is subsequently implemented by the craftsmen. Ready-made lighting will not only create comfort and a positive mood in the sales area, but will also help to place accents, focus on the main thing, and give the room additional charm and originality.


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