How To Remove ImsLogger+: A Comprehensive Guide

how to remove imslogger+

Mobile apps are top-rated these days because of their advanced features. There are various mobile applications available in the market, and ImsLogger+ is one of them.

The ImsLogger+ is an app created by the device’s IMEI number. This app is installed on almost all android devices. It’s created so that it can be used to track the device in case of theft or loss.

ImsLogger+ is a complete android logger, which records all phone activities and uploads them to the webserver. You can view recordings in real-time or download them at any time.

How To Remove ImsLogger+

You cannot uninstall the ImsLogger+ app since it’s pre-installed. It is a part of the ROM and can only be disabled through special software.

However, you can disable it. If you want to disable ImsLogger+, here is how you can do it:

Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications (or All apps) -> find ImsLogger+.

Tap on it and select Disable (Deactivate). The application will, therefore, no longer run on your phone. 

What Is ImsLogger+?

ImsLogger+ is a tool to log and log-cat all the activities on your Android phones. It will collect information such as IMEI, MAC address, cell tower ID, GPS location, and other details about the phone. 

This app is well-known as powerful monitoring software for android devices. It enables you to monitor all activities on your android phone and protect it from various kinds of dangers. 

In addition, you can also use this program to uninstall the inbuilt apps on your device. It’s one of those apps that you didn’t know you needed. 

This app is used for sending push notifications to your phone. It could be used as a standalone application or with ImsLogger server software.

The ImsLogger+ in-built android app consists of two parts. The first part is ImsLogger+, which runs on your server and gathers the log data from your Android devices. 

The next part is an Android app that runs on each Android device and sends the log data to the ImsLogger+ application running on your server.

This android app helps you in performing different functions like:

  1. ImsLogger+ is an android app that helps in tracking your smartphone’s location. The app can be used to set up a SIM card logger on a target mobile phone.
  2. It gives a complete backup of phone call records, text messages, and the cell tower info.
  3. Recording your calls – It’s a straightforward and easy-to-use app that records all incoming and outgoing calls on your android device. You could record all incoming and outgoing calls or only the ones you choose.
  4. Send voice messages to any of your friends using the app. 
  5. Displays all the messages that you have received from any of your Friends.  ImsLogger+ is the only android app that logs all SMS, MMS, and Call records of any Android device.  It logs any call detail record (CDR) that your phone captures, including caller Id, call duration (both in hours/mins/secs and actual time), call start time, call end time, number dialed, number received, etc.
  6. Set reminders for any tasks or events etc.
  7. The app lets you capture logs of your android device and browsing history. You can also track the phone’s location using this app and location visited by the user, browser history, etc.
  8. It also logs emails to email id or FTP id.  
  9. ImsLogger + captures the screen as a video or as a picture, including pictures of yourself or other people, along with their surroundings. It supports capturing by both front and back cameras simultaneously.
  10. This android app logs and stores all activity of a smartphone. It records calls, SMS, MMS, social media activities such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

Features Of ImsLogger+

The ImsLogger+ is a mobile app that allows you to monitor your smartphone activity and helps you protect your phone from monitoring by others.

Main features:

  • The first feature is that it is free. This proves to be a crucial feature because it helps users save money. 

You will never have to purchase expensive third-party apps again if you use ImsLogger+. It offers all the necessary functions without charging you anything extra.

  • Remotely block and unblock the device with one click.
  • It allows you to monitor, control, and keep track of your Android device from anywhere in the world. 
  • Locates your smartphone if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Keep track of all activities on your device (recording calls, list of applications used).
  • It provides a great feature of call recording in high-quality audio to listen later and share the recorded calls easily. The Call Recording feature also includes a blocklist for unwanted callers.
  • View the call log history for incoming and outgoing calls. It has a call logger which logs all the details of every call received or made by your phone.
  • See all text messages (SMS) and their content (sent and received). 
  • You can watch all media files on your device (images, videos, etc.)
  • Records in  the Background

This application allows you to record the activities in the background without needing any special permissions.

It uses native android APIs like Activity Manager (AM) and Broadcast Receiver (BR). AM allows ImsLogger+ to run in the background while BR saves recorded logs when your device is turned off.

How Does It Work?

ImsLogger+ is an Android app that allows users to track and record their Messages. As you probably know, the problem with Messages is that it’s not possible to track the sent and received messages of your Android Devices.

This app solves this problem by logging all of the sent and received Messages of your device on a web dashboard to view all of the logs from multiple devices

It also allows you to export logs as CSV files. In this way, you can easily find out who read the messages and at what time.

Benefits Of ImsLogger+

  • This android app is an application that lets you record the things happening around in your mobile phone in real-time. The recorded videos can be used in forensic investigations, classroom lectures, police work, and business presentations.
  • It helps you access the previous conversation, call logs, video calls, contacts, web history, and more without rooting the phone.
  • The program displays data in real-time.
  • The app will display CPU temperature, battery temperature, CPU load, RAM usage, and free memory left available for applications to use. 
  • If you are an advanced user, it can be set up to run on startup so that you can constantly monitor your device’s performance easily without opening it.
  • It’s one of the best applications that help you monitor your child’s activities on their smartphones. This application allows you to track everything that happens on your child’s phone like, who they are talking to, what they are watching, and who they are chatting with.
  • You can know where they are, how long they have used the phone, and what apps or websites they have visited.
  • This app also comes with some additional features like parental controls & website blocking etc.
  • You can use this app for multiple purposes, like debugging purposes. If your phone is running slow or some application is not working correctly, you can get the logs of that particular time and analyze them.
  • It that can be used as spy software for monitoring all activities of target mobile.

Limitations Of This App

However, the accessible version of ImsLogger+ has some limitations:

  • Users cannot view their location history on Google Maps; only the total distance and time spent traveling can be seen.
  • Whenever you record a video, it will automatically convert into Mp3 format, and you can’t change it back to its original format.
  • Sometimes it takes too long to upload the recorded file on cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. This can be unpleasant.
  • Some users also find this a security threat as the IMEI details are sent to a remote server which can be accessed by anyone who has access to it. 

Can You Uninstall ImsLogger+?

The ImsLogger+ app is bundled with the Android operating system, so it can’t be uninstalled. To disable the app, you will need to root your device and use an alternative management option like SuperSU or Magisk.

The most important thing you should keep in mind is that ImsLogger+ is not compatible with android versions after 4.4 Kitkat. If the device you want to monitor has this operating system, then there’s a high chance you will be unable to uninstall the app from it.

Well, you can uninstall it by going to Settings–Apps–ImsLogger+, but you will not be able to delete the app from your phone.

If you want to disable ImsLogger+, here is how you can do it:

Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications (or All apps) -> find ImsLogger+.

Tap on it and select Disable (Deactivate). The application will, therefore, no longer be able to run on your phone. 


ImsLogger+ is not malware, but it can be very annoying – especially if you have no idea what this app is. 

If you want to remove ImsLogger+, we recommend installing anti-malware software and scanning your device for viruses. 

Of course, you can also delete all traces of ImsLogger+ manually using the step-by-step guide provided above for disabling its use.

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