The Best Cheap Software for Essay Writing for Students

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Writing tasks are a nightmare for some students. If creating an essay is a huge challenge for you, you can use special software to relieve the burden on your shoulders. Today, the market offers a big number of apps that help students with assignments.

Some of them can be purchased for money, while others are absolutely free. Below, you can find the list of the cheapest tools for students. But first let’s consider another source of help for learners. 

Education help for students from UK

Studying is one of the most difficult life aspects for every person. Education imposes a lot of challenges on students, draining them emotionally and physically. To avoid serious health issues and mental breakdown, students should ask for assistance  with their homework.

Although most institutions don’t encourage it, there is nothing wrong about asking an essay writing service in the UK for university help with complicated tasks. Using such services will benefit you in terms of saved time and better paper quality. Moreover, you can use essays written by experts as samples for your future assignments, so you’ll learn how to improve your writing. 

Focus Writer 

This software is especially loved by creative writers since it offers different text styles and backgrounds. But thanks to multiple other features, Focus Writer can be used by students as well. If you have a certain word limit for your school assignment, the program will track it for you.

It will also notify you with an alarm signal once you complete a defined piece of work. Such notifications can help you be more focused on the task, without distracting yourself to check time. Another feature that helps you keep focus is fading away all the unnecessary details except the line you are currently working on.


Essay writing requires deep analysis of different information sources and their proper citing. Thorough research and bibliography are much easier to complete with the help of Zotero. 

Basically, this software works like a digital search assistant. It collects all the sources you’ve used straight from your browser and organizes them according to your preferences. Zotero can create lists or folders with files and images attached. You can use the software on Mac, Linux and Windows after downloading it from the official website as an extension or a desktop application. 


This is another great software for people who realize the importance of research in academic writing. Manuscripts can automatically create your citations and bibliography, make cross-referencing and add annotations to paragraphs, figures and other text elements.

The program searches citations at CrossRef, Datacite and PubMed and formats them in over 8,000 styles. You can not only view your references in a library but also share them across your other documents. Importantly, you can edit your content via Manuscripts without paying any fees. 


Uniqueness is one of the key requirements for academic assignments. You probably realize that your essay must be 100% original to bring you the highest grade.  Hence, you should always check your papers for plagiarism before submitting them.

Advego is a professional plagiarism checker that has earned a good reputation among writers. Although its online version is somehow limited, it’s completely free. Even a web tool makes a deep analysis of the text, which is absolutely enough for students. Apart from checking plagiarism, you can analyze information density with the help of Advego. 



Some grammar rules are too tricky to follow, so many students are prone to making mistakes in spelling and punctuation. To get rid of errors in your essay, you can use Grammarly. This software highlights all the issues in your text and provides suggestions on how to fix them.

It has a free basic version and a premium one, which must be purchased for money. But you shouldn’t worry about that because it’s affordable for any student. Premium version also suggests how to enhance vocabulary used in your essay and checks your content for plagiarism. You can take advantage of Grammarly features on their official website or use this tool as an extension for your browser. 

Final thoughts

Up-to-date technology can significantly improve your writing skills. Today’s market is full of various apps and software that help students become better writers. Some of the most affordable options for creating excellent essays are Focus Writer, Zotero, Manuscripts, Advego and Grammarly.

Each of them have a free version that includes a number of features enhancing your content. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to expand a range of tools you are using for studies. 

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