Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software For 2021

Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software For 2021

Nowadays, most companies lack the necessary solution and this is the employee monitoring tool. In today’s era where the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing, having a solution for tracking employee activity, logging suspicious behavior might be great.

What Is Employee Monitoring Software?

As per various online research and database portals like Statista, employee monitoring tools go beyond the core time tracking functionality. It is not just simply tracking clock-outs and clock-ins but even consist of managing workloads and schedules.

Top Best Employee Monitoring Tools In 2020

1) Time Doctor

The time doctor is a great employee time tracking tool. It helps you and your team to get a lot more work done each day. The tool will create a summary of the time spent on each of the projects, tasks, and clients.

2) Teramind

The Teramind is one of the industry leaders that specialize in software for employee monitoring, insider threat detection, data loss prevention, workplace productivity, etc.  Additionally, it can even monitor employees, third-party vendors, remote, contractors, and privileged users, etc.

3) VeriClock

You can improve productivity with this monitoring keystrokes tool. The VeriClock provides real-time data like time in or out, task, GPS location, photo, report, etc. from the employee through phone calls or SMS.

4) Work Examiner

Work Examiner is a great employee monitoring tool. With it, you can easily keep track of those who are doing the job and the ones that are tweeting. The best part is that Work Examiner will provide you with various stats on how online surfing time is affecting your employee’s productivity.

5) ActivTrak

With the ActivTrak, you can empower your teams with data-driven productivity insights. Also, you can collect and analyze user activity, which can boost team productivity and make sure that operational compliances are followed.

6) Hubstaff

Being simple, this is a powerful employee work tracker tool having timesheets, screenshots, billing, in-depth reports, etc. You can easily understand productivity issues and be able to act on them.

7) InterGuard

The InterGuard helps in monitoring user activity and enforces web content filtering. Also, it helps in improving employee productivity and investigation of the inside threat.

8) Veriato 360

The Veriato 360 is a great tool that helps you to view and understand exactly what your employees are doing. This is an AI-driven user behavior tool.

9) DeskTime Pro

Consider the DeskTime Pro as a real-time time tracking software. It is a top employee monitoring software that will analyze your employee’s productivity.

10) StaffCop Enterprise

A great and thorough employee monitoring solutions filled with a rich selection of tools. The StaffCop provides powerful surveillance, data gathering, etc.

Wrapping Up

The best part of having a top employee monitoring software is that it helps in keeping track of your employee’s work.

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