How Do I Delete A Hudl Account?

If you want to remove an athlete to your league from Athlete Management, click on the trash-can icon on the top menu bar. The athlete will receive a “notice of removal” email.

How do you delete a HUDL player account?

We’ll start with the players at the top. Next to the athlete’s account you wish to delete, click on the pencil icon. Then select the trash can option. The athlete will receive an “Notice of Removal” email.

Can you merge HUDL accounts?

I am sending a request to combine your two accounts.

How do I delete a team on HUDL?

Go to and select Manage Team, then select the name of the group you want to remove. Use the mouse or touchscreen device and nClick Edit Group to access to the group members. nClick Delete Group once you’ve finished deleting it. Then log in to to manage team.

Why is my HUDL account on hold?

If you’re being held by our partners, check if the payment or your invoice is correct.

How do I change my HUDL account from coach to player?

Create a new team on by going to the menu bar and click on Team. Click on Manage Team. Click on Add New Members. Click on Team Coach and fill out the information in the boxes. Choose Role, then Coach or give your coach Admin access rights.

How do I turn off email on HUDL?

It’s important to check the account settings on to see what notification options are available. Make sure to check your settings to know how often you’ll receive email updates.

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