How Do I Remove A Computer From Sugarsync?

You can log in to your account at Click on your name in the top right corner, then select my Account. At the bottom, next to Connected Devices click Manage.Find the computer or mobile device you want to remove.Click Remove.

How do I reset my SugarSync?

This process will start the reset process. You will be asked to confirm that this is what you want to do.

How do I remove SugarSync from my Mac?

Open a Finder window. Go to Mac App Store > Go > App Store. Choose Go to purchase folder to open the store. Paste SugarSync’s files into the directory. Remove all of them from the App Store.

What is SugarSync Manager on my computer?

SugarSync enables file syncing across numerous devices including mobile and desktop computers, as well as laptops and other mobile devices. It also backs up files and provides online access.

How do I add another computer to SugarSync?

Click on the Folders tab. Place the cursor over the folder you want to sync and double click on it. A drop down arrow will appear in the far right column. Select Add to this computer from the drop down menu. Select New Folder from the drop down menu and click Create.

How do I reconnect my SugarSync?

On the desktop client, right click the SugarSync icon in the taskbar and select Quit or select the SugarSync icon in the menu bar and select Quit. If the icon disappears, it’s disconnected.

How do I move files from SugarSync to OneDrive?

It is very simple. Click “Add a Sugar Sync account” and then “Sign in”. Then you must add the SugarSync account and provide the password. MultCloud account function.

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