What Phones Are Compatible With Truconnect? The Available Alternatives

What Phones Are Compatible With Truconnect..

TruConnect has its headquarters in Los Angeles. The virtual mobile operator offers its low-cost internet services nationwide. The mobile operator targets business professionals, low-income, and other casual internet users. 

Their services have no overage fees, tethering services, and contracts. Today many major service providers use technology that makes their network compatible with almost all phones. 

The GSM network technology is robust and quite popular among US service providers. The network technology (GSM) works perfectly with virtual mobile phone operators and standard service providers. 

TruConnect is among the service providers in America. You can access their services from a mobile phone compatible with the network. Several phones are compatible with the TruConnect network. So, let’s find out. 

What phones are compatible with TruConnect?

Today, several phones brand and models are compatible with TruConnect in the market. 

The phone brands and models include Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy A-series and Note series, new Motorola moto models, etc. 

Additional Information 


The Samsung brand is quite popular for its high-quality devices. The brand manufactures high-end mobile phones with unique features such as sleek design, long battery life, etc. 

The Samsung brand has several models compatible with the TruConnect network, such as Samsung Galaxy A series (A10, A12, A39, and A50) and the Samsung Galaxy Note series.


Apple Company is known for its stunning iPhone devices unique to other smartphones.  The TruConnect network accepts any Apple model that is above iPhone 6. 

Most iPhone devices support the GSM network technology; this makes them automatically compatible with TruConnect technology.


It’s another famous phone manufacturing company, and people associate it with excellent, affordable phones. 

The newest Motorola Moto line models are compatible with TruConnect, and they support the GSM network technology. The TruConnect service also offers specific Motorola models on their freephone plan. 

How To Get True Connect Free Phones  

The United States government started the lifeline program in 1985. The program’s objective is to provide free phones to low-income households or individuals. 

The other objective of the program was to increase technological advancement. In addition to free phones, the program offers free internet and landline to those who qualify. 

To achieve the objectives, the United States government partnered with several phone service providers, among them TruConnect. TruConnect offers free phones, data, and other services. It also has additional paid-for plans for anyone that needs additional services.

Who Can Qualify For The Truconnect Phone?

The free phones from TruConnect aren’t available for everyone. You need to meet specific requirements to earn this government phone. There are two ways to become eligible for the free TruConnect phone.

You can qualify for TruConnect free phone if a member of your household is enrolled in any federal government program. The federal programs vary according to state; however, few programs are standard in almost all states.

  • Medicaid 
  • Supplementary Security Income (SSI)
  • Head Start

However, you can still qualify for the free mobile phones if your household’s income is below the 135% federal poverty guideline. A home with more people with low income has a higher chance of benefiting from the program. 

If you are sure that you qualify for the program, visit the TruConnect website, select a phone and apply for it. 

The Best TruConnect Free Phones 

The free phones are usually inexpensive and simple. You can’t find the latest high-end models from big brands like iPhone or Samsung. However, you can always upgrade your phone if in a position. 

ZTE Blade Z Max

The price of ZTE is ten times lower than that of high-end mobile phones. The phone features a large 6-inch screen and has enough storage space for your most important data. 

It has a medium battery and dual rear camera that are fine in the price range. It has older software, but it still offers excellent performance. The phone’s screen can support HD+ videos, which most free phones do not have. 

Therefore, you will indeed have a great watching experience. The phone’s primary material is plastic, which is not bad considering its price.

ZTE Maven 3 Z835

The model is an old model of the ZTE brand, and it was once top-rated. However, it’s an excellent free phone choice since it can still perform several essential tasks perfectly. 

The phone isn’t as large and powerful as others on the list. It features a 4.5 inches screen that is relatively small. The screen can support videos of 480 x 854 pixels but not HD quality. 

Therefore the phone is not ideal for games or watching movies or videos. The phone has a small processor of 410 quad-cores and 1 GB RAM for calling and texting. 

The phone does not support video calling. Despite having inferior features, the model is among the most obtained phones from TruConnect.

Sergei Smartphone

The Sergei brand is not so famous, plus its name is not that exciting. The Sergei smartphone offers some decent features, but its performance does not match the specs. 

The phone is slim and has that slick outlook that will undoubtedly attract your eyes. The screen size is 5.1 inches, and this will offer you’re a great viewing experience. The performance quality of this smartphone is less than the most entry-level phone in the current market. 

However, this is not surprising because it’s a free phone. According to users’ reviews, it’s hard to access the original social media apps. But the lighter versions of these apps, such as Facebook lite, can function without much issue.

Dirndf Smartphone

The smartphone is among the free phones by TruConnect, but it has no unique feature and is ideal for important use. Most free telephones do not have high-end features because of their prices. 

There is not much difference between this phone model and others on the list. Even though the phone is free, it comes at a meager price. The good thing is that its performance is better than its initial specs. 

The phone’s screen size is 5.7 inches and is HD capable. You can undoubtedly watch your favorite videos since their viewing experience isn’t bad. The phone’s body is plastic. 

The phone also features 512 MB RAM, which is usually slow and cannot run large apps. It has a 4GB internal storage that is expandable to 32 GB.

Gravity 55 GO

The phone’s performance is modest and is a better free mobile phone from TruConnect. The phone has some exciting features that make it a good pick. 

The screen is medium-sized, meaning it’s not too large or small and thus ideal for everyone. It has a 3000 mAh with decent battery life. Plus, its camera quality is suitable for a free phone; a 13 MP resolution indeed takes clear photos. 

In addition to ease in operation, the 5.5 inches HD screen is great for watching. Overall the performance of this phone is better than most phones on this list. The phone has 1 GB ram, which is decent, and 8 GB internal storage for your data. 

TruConnect Phone Restrictions

The TruConnect phones are free but come with some restrictions. Here are the restrictions: 

  • You cannot transfer your TruConnect discounts, monthly service, and free device.
  • A whole household only qualifies for one service discount and a free phone.  
  • If you or any household member already uses a free phone from another provider, you can’t apply for the free TruConnect phone and vice versa. 
  • If the service providers can remove you from the program, it would be best to use the free connect phone at least once in thirty days. 

In addition, if you no longer qualify for the lifeline program, you need to inform TruConnect thirty days before. 

It can be because you found a better job or a member of your household did. The USAC usually checks the qualification yearly. 

The TruConnect Plans 

After getting a free phone, you need to choose a plan. TruConnect has several programs for almost all their lifeline participants. 

However, if the TruConnect free plans do not cater to all you need, you can always upgrade with prepaid plans. You get commissions through your free line certification. 

Free Plan

  • You will get unlimited domestic long-distance and local minutes
  • Free talk time with those in America and around
  • Free unlimited monthly data of up to 4.5 GB ( however, this varies according to states)

Top Up Talk Plans 

  • 500 minutes talk time at $5 (both long-distance and local)
  • 1000 minutes talk time at $10 (both long-distance and local)

The other TruConnect plans are the international top-up and TruConnect data top-up. You can check out the TruConnect official website for more information on the plans. 


The lifeline initiative by the federal government is an excellent initiative for low-income households. At least it helps them have the technological knowledge. Actual connect is one of the providers that have partnered with the government to offer this service. 

They offer free phones, but you must meet specific requirements to get them. Other than, free phones one can use the TruConnect services from his phone. There are several phone brands and models that are compatible with TruConnect. 

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